We Rebuilt Web Forms With You In Mind.

by Aidan P

We’re incredibly excited to announce the newest update for your BNTouch CRM. We now have completely revamped web forms and can’t wait for you to get your hands on all the new features. Here’s what’s in store with your new web forms.


  1. Simplified Form Builder

    Our new form builder was created from the ground up with you in mind. We’ve improved the interface to make the whole process of building your forms simpler, easier and more intuitive. You can check out the new form builder here.

  2. Ability to Edit Forms

    We know that your website, lead funnels and business are constantly evolving; your web forms should be able to evolve with them. BNTouch users now have the ability to edit, add and remove fields from their forms quickly and easily using the improved form builder.


  3. Forms Can Be Shared

    One of our favorite new features is the ability to share your forms. Each form will come with a unique link that can be shared anywhere on the internet to help you expand your reach and drive leads from more places. Let’s say you’re part of a “New Home Buyers” group on Facebook and you’d like to advertise your services in that group to generate some leads. Instead of sending people to your website and hoping they find one of your forms, you can now drop a link to one of your custom forms directly into that group. Any information submitted on that form will be sent directly into your BNTouch database. Now that’s making your CRM work for you.


  4. Choose from Modern Templates

    Your forms should look as professional as you do. With this new update, we’ve created five modern templates that you can overlay onto your form with one simple click. These sharp designs will give you the initial credibility boost you need when a potential borrower finds you for the first time.


  5. Preview Forms Before Saving

    We all make mistakes, that’s why we’ve given you the ability to preview your forms before publishing. With the click of a button you can check for mistakes, make sure your form is laid out correctly and test different design templates until each form is perfect.

Start marketing faster and more effectively with the new BNTouch web form experience.

Aidan P
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