Realtor Portals | Online Hubs For Mortgage Loan Participants & Partners

by Aidan Paringer

Realtor (aka partner) portals are online hubs automatically created by your CRM that your Realtors and other partners can visit to stay updated on all your shared borrowers/loans or access some powerful marketing tools. No more daily check in emails to see where things are at with a certain borrowers, you can empower your partners with portals. The new Realtor portals also have tons of features to provide value to your realtor partners, including pre-approval calculators, open house lead forms and even property listing websites. Entice power partners by offering them valuable tools within their own custom portal. Realtor portals include full mobile app support so your partners can manage their loans and access their marketing tools from anywhere on any device.

We also offer a fully customized and automated portals for your past, potential and current borrowers as well.

Realtors Can Track Their Own Stats

Realtor Portal StatsIn your Realtors (or other loan participants) portal they’ll be able to track all their important partnership stats. Everything from the amount of communications sent and tasks completed. To referral lead growth and lead conversion data. They’ll know how the leads they’ve submitted are entering and moving through your mortgage pipelines without ever having to ask.

Track Shared Clients & Loan Status

Realtor Portal Borrowers & Loan StatusEmpower your Realtors and partner with a live list of shared clients that will instantly update as you make changes in your CRM. Your partners will be able to see the created date, loan stage/status, address, loan amount, sale price and estimated closing of each shared client and loan. They’ll also be able to message and click into each shared client to see a deeper data breakdown right from the portal.

Track Messages

Your Realtors Partners can easily track messages and communications between you, them and your shared clients through their portal. Messages will include all pertinent info like message summaries, track the sender and offer client names and property addresses for memory and organization purposes.

Pre-Approval & Mortgage Calculator

Pre-approval calculator

Your Realtors can crunch the numbers in real time with your shared clients. Let’s say your Realtor partner is looking a potential home with a potential borrower. They’ll be able to hop into their portal at any time to run the numbers on mortgage cost, interest, etc while on the phone with your new potential borrowers. They’ll even be able to submit that info to you to see if that potential borrower is in line for a pre-approval. This info will enter your CRM and with the click of a button you’ll be able to send a pre-approval letter and you’ve just successfully on boarded a new borrower.

Submit Referrals To You

Every Realtor Portal that your CRM automatically generates will have a section that will allow your partners to easily send you referrals. These submitted referrals will go right into your CRM where your automated marketing campaigns can start moving these referrals through your pipeline without you ever having to lift a finger. Yes, we’ve made getting referrals even easier for you and for your Realtor Partners.

Collect Leads From Open Houses

Each portal will come with an “Open House Form” generator. Your Realtor partners will be able to easily come in and generate a quick form that they’ll be able to display on a computer or ipad at any of their open house showings. These forms will show your photo and contact info and will allow people looking for a loan to submit their info to you. Anyone who fill out this lead form will be instantly entered into your CRM as a lead. Your automated marketing campaigns will be able to take it from here and you’re now converting leads from your Realtors open houses without lifting a finger.

Create Online House Listings

Realtor Listing Websites
Offer your Realtors a hugely powerful marketing tool just by working with you. Every Realtor partner you enter into your system will have access a property listing website builder tool that is built directly into their portal. They’ll be able to chose from one of our modern templates, upload photos, descriptions, highlights, etc and generate a property listing website for one of their properties in minutes. These will be completely white labeled and co-branded with you and your Realtor partners contact info.

Update Their Contact Info

With the “My Info” tab your Realtor partners will be able to easily and proactively update their photo, contact, and MLS info. This info will be used in all Realtor Portal and co-branded communication that comes from the portal. While most of your partners will be able to come in here once to set it and forget it, they’ll also be able to update their own contact info. They’ll no longer have to send it to you so you can update the fields in your CRM or records for them.

Easily Access Your Contact Info

Your contact info will be easily accessible from anywhere within your Realtor partners portal. A quick contact button will sit at the top left on every page in the portal. It includes a click to call, click to text and click to email button as well as all your contact info listed for easy communication no matter your Realtors preference.

White-labeled Mobile App

Mobile App Realtor PortalWe’ve created a fully white labeled app you can use called Mortgage Circles. Have your borrowers or Realtor partners visit or search “Mortgage Circles” on the Google Play or App Store and they’ll be able to download the app to login to their portals from anywhere, at anytime on any device. The Mortgage Circles app is free to download and is available for you to use as a huge benefit offered to your borrowers and partners at no extra charge. Do more with BNTouch and get your borrowers and partners on Mortgage Circles today!

Automated Email Reports

Automated Email Reports Realtor PortalAutomated email reports for you and your partners. Select from your Portal Options to send a weekly report to your partners that will highlight recent shared client status updates and breakdown the stats on their latest referrals leads to you. You’ll also be able to send yourself a weekly report that will highlight the stats on your top referral partners each week. You’ll always be able to know which partners are bringing you business and which ones aren’t.


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