Reach Clients and Partners with Ease Through Mobile Apps

by Tomi Pironti

In the ultra-competitive mortgage market, loan officers are always looking for an edge to elevate them above the competition and stay connected. The busy life of realtors, mortgage firms, and individual loan officers makes desktop-based platforms an unviable solution.

Fortunately, advancements in mortgage CRM software have led to the creation of user-friendly mobile apps that can help you reach clients and partners with ease. Doing so will help you convert leads to sales, drastically increasing profitability. These apps will also facilitate an improved customer experience, which is essential to building your reputation as a mortgage broker.

Reach Clients and Partners with Ease Through Mobile Apps,

What Is CRM?

A CRM or customer relationship management software is intended to facilitate better communication with partners and prospective clients. Implementing a mobile CRM app will help you run your front-end operations.

While this groundbreaking technology can change the way you interact with customers, it is important to understand that not all CRM applications are created equal. The best software will streamline the entire experience and make the buying or refinancing process much more efficient.

Benefits of a Mortgage CRM Mobile App

As noted above, having access to a high-quality mobile app for your CRM needs is essential if you want to stay at the top of the modern mortgage market. The following are some of the key benefits of incorporating a CRM app into your business model:

Birthday Alerts

Closing on a loan should not mark the end of your interactions with a client. Even if they plan on staying in their home for the rest of their lives, you never know what life may throw at them. Favorable market changes could have them looking to upgrade their home or refinance to cut interest rates.

Ideally, you want them to turn to you when that time comes. One of the best ways to stay on the good side of past clients is to send them a quick message or email on their birthday. With BNTouch’s mobile app, you can easily program automated birthday alerts once you input client contact info. This will only take a few minutes of your time but can pay huge dividends by drawing repeat business.

Push Notifications

Speaking of notifications, the CRM mobile app will facilitate better communications with customers during the loan process as well. Once they download the app, they will receive automated notices anytime you request a new document or proceed to the next step in the loan process. This can cut down conversion times, allowing you to improve the client’s mortgage experience.

You can also program alerts to notify them when market rates drop below their current loan rate. As with the birthday alerts, this will increase your chances of earning repeat business. Since you have already established a rapport with the client, they are more likely to use you for their refinancing needs.

Elevate Your Conversion Rate with BNTouch

If you are looking to revolutionize the way you stay in touch with clients and realtors, then you need to partner with BNTouch. We have a variety of package options for individuals, mortgage teams, and multi-location enterprises.

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