Productivity Tools For Loan Officers – Scale Your Business Faster

by Aidan Paringer

How much you make in the mortgage business and how enjoyable your career is depends a lot on how productive you are on a daily basis. What productivity tools are available to help loan officers get more done in less time, and close more loans?

How much you get done in the hours you have makes all the difference in the loan business. As a business owner, the more productive your team is the more profitable your organization. As a loan officer, increased productivity means being able to close more loans each month. That directly impacts the amount of dollars you bring home. Creating more time also means being able to provide better service, and in turn earning repeat business and referrals. Making great money is also just one of the perks of being in the mortgage game. There’s no sense in earning incredible paychecks if you don’t have time to enjoy the rewards, enjoy a flexible schedule, and actually enjoy what you are doing.

What Are The Best Productivity Tools For Loan Officers

Times trackers, Zapier, G-Suite, text message marketing software, freelancers, CRM’s and scheduling tools, coming up with a tech stack that makes sense for your business has never been more important. We recommend you take a month and try out as many tools as you can.


mortgage automation and productivity tools
IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It is an automation tool that lets you automate just about anything you can imagine between all of your devices and apps. For example; you can automatically have new inbound phone leads added to your CRM. Or whenever a new house is listed for sale on Craigslist have a notification sent to your assistant to offer the seller help pre-qualifying their buyers. Automate cross publishing across all of your social media profiles if you post a picture on just one of them.

Voice & SMS Broadcasting

bntouch mortgage text message marketingEven using an autodialer can be slow for cold calling or sending out reminders and follow up calls today. Instead, consider instantly blasting your message to everyone on your list, just like you do with emails. A good system can get your message out to thousands of contacts instantly. Then just engage with the live call backs. Or direct recipients to your landing pages or social or automated phone system to streamline the process of originating new loans and repeat business. Did you know BNTouch has a build in text marketing & voice broadcasting tool?

Google G Suite

G Suite For Mortgage Pros
Google offers lots of tools for Gmail users. You can create Excel spreadsheets, powerpoints, sync calendars, store and share documents, and get custom email addresses. You can carry them with you wherever you go, and with the synced Chrome browser can seamlessly work between your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Harvest Time Tracker

Time Management For Mortgage Pros
The Harvest time tracking app is ideal for measuring and mastering your time. Use it to clock exactly how much time you are spending on different tasks. For example; ensuring you are really putting in at least two solid hours of outbound marketing time each day. Find where you are wasting time. Calculate how much you are really making an hour, and determine which tasks you should be delegating instead of doing yourself. Also handy for tracking time for any remote assistants you have.

Hire Best Mortgage Freelancer
For anything you need to delegate, check out Upwork. You should be spending your time closing the hottest leads. Everything else should be automated or farmed out to assistants. Upwork offers access to thousands of remote professionals in all types of fields. From creating postcards to managing your CRM to getting missing documents from clients to scheduling personal activities, you’ll find plenty of choices on Upwork. It takes all the hassle out of recruiting and screening. Want to learn more about how to hire a great mortgage freelancer?

Calendly for Mortgage Pros
is a super simple scheduling app. Ideal for scheduling phone appointments as well as office meetings. It integrates with your other calendars, sends automatic reminders before the appointment to all parties, can help protect the privacy of your phone numbers, and is free. It can also be used as a gatekeeper to ensure you aren’t constantly bombarded by borrowers in the loan process.

Loan Officer Door Knocking
This suite of productivity tools can help corporate set up a marketing control center and docs library, from which individual loan officers can customize and pull down pre-designed marketing pieces while protecting the overall brand. Lead, borrower and partner trackers compile all communications with leads and borrowers in one place. That makes for easily handing off leads when going on vacation, or passing on to processors and when Realtors need file updates. Plus, you’ll look a lot smarter having a record of exactly what you spoke about before.


Winning in the mortgage business and actually enjoying life and the rewards a loan officer career or owning a lending business offers relies heavily on how productive you and your team are. These productivity tools and others like them can make a huge difference. Don’t settle for the deal flow you’ve got now. Get the tools you need to boost your efficiency and scale to your full potential.

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