Just the Touch of a Button: One-Touch Social Media Posts for Mortgage Brokers

by Tomi Pironti

Everyday, our world becomes increasingly connected through social media platforms and smart devices. In order to stay relevant, mortgage brokers and loan officers must learn how to effectively leverage these platforms to connect with clients. The firms that do this the best will improve their odds of achieving sustained success, rising above the competition.

If you are looking to up your online presence, the best solution is to partner with BNTouch. We offer comprehensive CRM software for both individual loan officers and mortgage teams. One of our most popular features is the ability to post to social media with the touch of a button.


Just the Touch of a Button: One-Touch Social Media Posts for Mortgage Brokers,

Engaging Through Social Media

Thanks to the rise of platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you have access to thousands of potential leads. As if communicating with all these prospective clients wasn’t enough, you can do most of your outreach with minimal advertising costs.

Virtually every client you encounter will have some form of social media. In fact, the average internet user spent about 145 minutes per day on social networking sites, according to Statista. If you aren’t leveraging social media to generate leads, you are leaving money on the table.

But our software has several other benefits, too.

Staying Connected with Clients

Your work as a loan officer isn’t done as soon as the mortgage closes. You never know when an old client might decide to upgrade to a larger home or refinance their existing loan. While providing them with a great mortgage experience is the first step towards earning repeat business, using social media is also important.

If your past clients see you post frequently on their favorite medium, then they will likely turn back to you when it comes time for that refi or new purchase. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Get the most out of every client relationship by staying active on social media.

Affordable Advertising

Social media is a convenient and affordable way to advertise your services. Skip out on more costly methods of generating leads and maximize your social media efforts. Doing so can improve profit margins and result in better interactions with clients.

Keep Your Realtors in the Loop

Another benefit of partnering with BNTouch for CRM software doesn’t directly pertain to social media. However, it can revolutionize the way you do business and communicate with your team.

Our mobile app and desktop program allow you to communicate with realtors and keep them updated on the progress of the loans for their clients. This can help you to build vital relationships with other professionals and improve your overall client experience.

You can connect with them through text, email, social media messenger apps, and through our app directly. This flexibility ensures that you can distribute information fast and close your loans on time.

Boost Your Online Presence with BNTouch

If you are ready to experience the difference of BNTouch, then it is time to schedule a demo. Once you see our products in action, you will wonder how you ever did business without us!

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