Modernize Your Mortgage Print Marketing

by Aidan Paringer

When it comes to mortgage marketing, postcards and flyers are things that seemingly have had very little change. Short of becoming more expensive over time as the costs to produce postcards and the actual cost of postage increases, many established mortgage brokers have kept the same postcard and flyer templates they’ve used for many years. While this does make sense in terms of consistency in branding, there have been many technological advances that mortgage brokers can take advantage of to not only give a high-tech edge to their marketing pieces but also achieve better reporting capabilities when it comes to how a marketing piece might be performing.

Using Technology With Mortgage Postcards

Traditionally, postcards have been a strictly offline form of advertising. The problem with being offline is it’s hard to track how effective they are. Basically, you have two ways to track them. Either someone calls you on the phone number you put on the postcards, or someone emails you at the email address you put on the cards. While this does at least give you some metrics, and some metrics are better than no metrics, this only takes into account people that are ready to act right now.

The truth is, any time you send out a postcard for your mortgage business, there are many people that receive your card that have some level of interest in your services but aren’t ready to act right this moment. For instance, maybe they have to get some credit issues worked out, or maybe they are waiting to sell their current home and buy another one until their child gets out of the current school year. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pinpoint who these people are so you can put them on a special follow-up campaign for warm leads? Now you can.

Putting Unique Capture Codes On Your Postcards

Utilizing variable data printing technology and your database, you can hire printing companies that will not only print your marketing pieces but put a unique capture code on each card that is specific to the homeowner receiving the card that allows you to track their behavior once they receive your card. The key to this form of marketing is beside the message on your postcard, you need to have a special item of value available that the user can get by going online and using that custom capture code.
Update Your Traditional Print Mortgage Marketing

Take this card from Corefact Corp. as an example. In this particular case, the item of value offered on the card is for the homeowner to get an instant online home valuation of their property. All they need to do is simply go to the website, punch in the code on the card and get their home value.

When someone punches in their capture code, you’ll get a notification of exactly who the person is. You now have insight that this homeowner is interested in your services, allowing you to put them on a warm lead follow up campaign, increasing your possibilities of turning them into a client.

Using Your CRM To Create  Automated Postcard Campaigns

Part of keeping your client’s happy customers that will continue to render your services and refer you to their friends is staying on their radar, thanking them for their business, and giving them fun, value-added things they will enjoy. Postcards are perhaps the most cost-effective way to do this.

The problem arises when you have built your business and have hundreds of past clients. While sending a “Happy New Year” postcard is easy enough to do, what about other things that are specifically unique to the client, such as the anniversary of the day they closed their loan, their birthday, or their pending mortgage refinance date? As we’re sure you can imagine, trying to keep track of all these dates manually could quickly end up being an impossible task.

Automate Mortgage Mail Marketing
Your CRM system should be able to make this a snap.
Bntouch Mail, for instance, has a feature built right into it that will automatically do this for you, helping you make sure that none of these important dates slip through the cracks, ensuring you are in front of your past clients at all the right times, helping you build your business more effectively.

Using Technology With Mortgage Flyers And Brochures

Mortgage flyers and brochures are a little trickier when it comes to merging them with technology. The main problem is unlike postcards, where they are addressed to a specific person, brochures are generally in a display box somewhere and you by and large have no idea who might be taking one of them. Just because you can’t track who is taking them from you though doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to give them a little bit of a high-tech flare.

Landing Pages

Operating on the same concept that you want the initial marketing piece a homeowner receives to guide them to a value-added piece of content that they need to go online to retrieve, you need a way to do this with your brochures. Enter landing pages.
Landing Pages For Mortgage Marketing

Take the landing page above for example. A flyer with a call to action of a free buyers guide would lead the homeowner to this landing page where they can easily type in their information, hit the “request” button, and instantly get their guide.

There are many very affordable landing page builders on the Internet you can subscribe to that will make creating custom landing pages associated with each of your mortgage flyers and brochures a snap. For as little as $15 per month, for instance, Leadpages will not only give you an easy drag and drop builder you can use to create landing pages on-demand, but also a gallery of templates you can start from that have been tracked and proven successful. 

PRO TIP: The key to successfully getting people to fill their information into your landing page is to keep the barrier of entry low. We would suggest only asking for the absolutely necessary information. In most cases, this will be the homeowner’s name, email, and mobile phone number.

Once a homeowner fills out your landing page, they immediately get the promised item of value from your landing page provider. One of the reasons Leadpages is our favorite is because it has a fantastic integration with Zapier that is super simple to use that will allow you to set up the incoming leads to automatically push into your CRM System. From there, you can have an automated workflow in your CRM add the homeowner to email, SMS or even print mail follow-up campaigns to start nurturing the lead and moving them down the journey to a happy customer.

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Measuring

That saying gets thrown around a lot these days, but the truth is you are spending your hard-earned money on your mortgage marketing efforts. If you can’t measure their success, you risk wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars you could be devoting to other business growth opportunities. While the traditional method of “I know it works when I get a phone call or email” is technically measuring your campaign success, it doesn’t take into account the countless others that are interested, but just not interested right this second. Use technology to pinpoint this group, get them on nurturing programs and increase the conversion on all your traditional marketing campaigns.

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