Mortgage Office Collaboration Tools

by Aidan Paringer

Collaboration is key in any mortgage office, especially in this digital age. Almost any CRM will supply some tools to help to easily and efficiently work with your team to get things done. At BNTouch we offer a host of mortgage office collaboration tools because we understand their importance. Tools that will keep things moving with your team, partners and borrowers.

What Are Mortgage Office Collaboration Tools?

Collaboration tools can be anything that an office uses to allow it’s team members to work on and share projects digitally. From a chat program to a shared calendars or document libraries there are countless tools available online. Tools that allow teams to work more effectively.

  1. Marketing Control Center

    Mortgage Office Collaboration Tools
    With the Marketing Control Center you can create base marketing material that you whole team can use, customize and optimize. Certainly you want to control and share campaigns with your whole office or branch. All users can individually start, stop and customize corporate campaign steps with the push of a button. With this tool it is easier than ever to make sure your whole office is running off a similar base line of content. Streamline and ensure the entire borrower experience feels cohesive. No matter who they are talking to in their loan process.

  2. The Docs Library

    Mortgage Office Collaboration Tools
    Upload documents and flyers with the Docs Library. Allow anyone in your office to print or download mortgage documents. Document formats can be kept easily uniform for all users and stages of the loan process. Create any of your templates using meta-tags. Customize names and personal information to borrowers using meta-tags. Finally make emails feel more personal and give all marketing that extra touch. Learn more about the docs library here.

  3. Lead, Borrower & Partner Trackers

    Mortgage Office Collaboration Tools
    Never miss a beat with our tracker feature. Automatically log all communication between yourself and your leads, borrowers or partners with this feature. Hop in after days, weeks or months of not communicating and still know exactly where you left off with any contact. Use the tracker to leave notes to your team about a potential borrower. Or use it as a reference point to the latest referral from realtor partners. The tracker will help your team organize and close more loans. Learn about our upgraded tracker here.

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