Top Mortgage Broker Lead Generation Methods

by Tomi Pironti

As a loan officer, you have the unique privilege of connecting your clients to the homes of their dreams. You’ll need to brush up on your mortgage broker lead generation strategy to do this effectively. Here are some of the best methods for generating new mortgage leads:

Find Your Niche

The mortgage industry is highly competitive. Stand out from the crowd by emphasizing your unique niche. What makes your services special? For example, you might: 

  •     Focus on a particular type of real estate (e.g., residential or commercial)
  •     Specialize in a specific loan program
  •     Assist homebuyers in a geographic region
  •     Offer educational resources for first-time buyers 

Carving out a niche will ensure that you generate leads that match your business. That’s why this step is foundational to the rest of your business. If you haven’t already done so, consider taking some time to develop your niche and make this the focus of your marketing efforts.

Optimize Your Website

Chances are that you already have a website. Otherwise, a well-designed website is just one of many benefits of using advanced customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

Take a good look at your website. Ask questions like: 

  •     Is my website clean and modern?
  •     Can users navigate my site easily?
  •     Are the services I offer easy to find?
  •     How can users contact me? 

Perhaps most importantly, your website should be optimized for modern search engines. Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO,” means that when users search for mortgage companies, your business will be among the top listings on the search results page. 

Find ways to incorporate phrases such as “mortgage lenders near me” or even words that reflect your specific niche (see above). Include geographic details, such as your city or state name to connect to local home buyers. 

Here’s a tip: make it personal. Include a photo and personal bio on your website, so visitors get to know you. With the right CRM platform, you can even create custom video content to have “face-to-face” time with your clients before you even meet.

Use the “Google My Business” Tool

Does your business appear on Google Maps? If so, that’s a good start, but it helps to go further with a Google My Business profile.

Creating a profile will allow you to “claim” your business and include information such as contact details and a brief description of your services. You can even add photographs that give web users a greater understanding of what you do. 

This approach ensures that local customers will have an easier time locating your business when they perform a Google search. Additionally, once you set up a profile, you’ll be able to interact with customers and respond to online reviews. 

Establishing this local presence is a vital step to mortgage broker lead generation. Just make sure to keep your profile up to date and respond quickly to online reviews.

Create Compelling Content

Many first-time homebuyers are searching for information. They come with questions about the process, such as “How do I find a home?” or “What are closing costs?” As an industry professional, you have the opportunity to share your experience. 

Create compelling, informative blogs that answer some of your customers’ top questions. Think about topics like: 

  •     How to buy your first home
  •     What is the amount of the down payment?
  •     Who handles closing costs?
  •     What loans are best for first-time buyers? 

If you occupy a specific niche, your content can be more specific. And when you use the same kinds of SEO strategy as the rest of your website, you have a better chance of capturing local home buyers. 

This content can be in the form of blog posts, but younger web users may appreciate the convenience of videos. Whatever medium you choose, conclude with a quick, friendly “call to action” inviting users to take the next step. 

This step might be to contact you directly or submit their details to subscribe to a newsletter. For you, this means you’ve generated a new lead to follow up on.

Stay Active on Social Media

Social media is the new public square. Make your voice heard by creating social media profiles on major platforms. If you’re trying to capture a younger audience, don’t neglect sites like Instagram or TikTok. 

Unfortunately, many companies start a social media page but fail to maintain it. Stay active on social media. Here are some things you can do for mortgage broker lead generation through your social channels: 

  •     Post compelling content
  •     Respond to customer comments
  •     Ask questions or post surveys to generate feedback 

If juggling multiple social accounts sounds daunting, consider using a CRM platform. These digital solutions can help you post to multiple channels simultaneously and even help you design surveys and other content.

Share Online Reviews


Homebuyers are likely to compare mortgage lenders online in a competitive market. This likely means they’ll read the reviews from your past clients. 

Make it easier for them by showcasing your positive reviews on your website or social media channels. This approach may even help prospective clients hear from satisfied customers in their neighborhood and give you greater local credibility. 

Similarly, you can share client success stories online. This sharing is a great way to highlight your unique value and offer potential clients a snapshot of what the mortgage journey might look like.

Use MLS Databases

The multiple listing service (MLS) is a website that offers a shared database of property listings by real estate professionals. Mortgage lenders and loan officers can search this database and connect with new and recent sellers.

This site offers a direct path toward mortgage broker lead generation since you’ll be able to contact potential clients on your terms. You can search within a particular geographic area or focus your attention on sellers of a particular housing type.

Invest in Digital Advertising

While you can promote most of your web content for free, you can also invest in digital advertising to reach a broader range of potential leads for mortgage broker lead generation practices. Here are some common examples of digital advertising: 

  •     Pay-per-click (PPC) ads on search engines
  •     Social media ads and sponsored posts
  •     Ads on other websites 

The great thing about this mortgage broker lead generation strategy is that it’s scalable and flexible. Facebook, for example, has a variety of options for creating sponsored posts and video ads. These digital methods generally allow you to set a budget and only pay when users click on your advertisement.

Host a Local Event

With your wealth of knowledge, you might consider hosting a local event or seminar. Think about topics like: “How to Buy Your First House” or “How to Increase Your Curb Appeal.” You might even consider partnering with other local real estate professionals and designing a high-quality event. 

Assuming you tailor your event to your specific specialty area, your attendees will become a quality pool of leads to draw from. Not only will they be local, but the event gives you a chance to follow up with them to address any lingering questions.

Network with Other Industry Professionals

By networking, you stand a greater chance of sharing leads. Additionally, you may learn from other professionals about the needs of your area and adapt your services to meet these needs. 

Consider networking with professionals such as: 

  •     Real estate agents
  •     Divorce attorneys
  •     Construction companies and contractors 

Bear in mind that you’re hardly the first loan officer to contact these individuals. Keep the tone friendly, and don’t just ask for leads out of the gate. Develop a professional relationship, and in time you may build the kind of trust that allows for the courtesy of sharing mortgage leads.

Get Published

Write an article for the local paper or a real estate publication. If they accept your submission, you’ll gain broader exposure than if you’d simply published content for your website. Additionally, the published article will give you one more piece of content to share on your social media profile. 

A published article will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and give you an extra layer of credibility. This work can go a long way to gaining the trust of your client leads and give you a greater chance of gaining their business.

Follow Up with Former Clients

Sometimes, word-of-mouth is the most direct approach to mortgage broker lead generation. Your best advertising might just be the testimony of your former clients. 

Stay in touch after the lending process is completed. Address any lingering questions in the first month after the sale is finalized. At the one-year mark, send them a note of congratulations. 

These personal touches go a long way. If your former clients have friends or family shopping for a home, they may be more inclined to recommend your services.

Mortgage Lead Generation Made Easy

You can simplify many mortgage brokers’ lead generation methods with the right customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The BNTouch platform can help you manage content and connect with clients like never before, helping you turn leads into satisfied customers. 

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