Top 7 SEO Strategies to Spur Your Mortgage Business

by Tomi Pironti

As a mortgage broker, one of your most important responsibilities is to consistently generate leads for your loan officers. Once you have identified and made connections with quality leads, your talented team can close a good percentage of deals by providing excellent customer service and a streamlined experience. 

But getting these leads in the first place can be quite challenging, especially if your site is not drawing in enough traffic.

If you find yourself facing this issue, it is time to reevaluate your search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. SEO refers to the process of making your site more appealing to search engine algorithms, like the ones used by Google. 

If your site is SEO-friendly, it will rank higher, which means that users can easily find your content. 

With this in mind, below, we have outlined seven proven SEO strategies that you can begin using right away to increase search traffic.

1.   Assess Your Site’s Performance

Your first step should be to assess your current site performance. Find out what areas you are struggling in so that you can better understand how to improve your content. Google Analytics is a free tool that you can use to review key metrics about search traffic. 

2.   Optimize Your Content

After you have reviewed the analytics data, start navigating through your site page by page. Read through your existing content to make sure that it is digestible. It should also incorporate relevant keywords. Lastly, verify the word count. Most blog and landing page content should be between 700 and 1,000 words. 

You should also make sure that your meta title and meta descriptions include target keywords for that page. Once you have made the necessary updates, it is time to move on to the next step! 

3.   Enhance the UX

Google’s algorithms no longer focus on written content and keywords alone. They also assess page performance and load speed, as well as a variety of other factors. 

To ensure that your site ranks highly and draws in more traffic, you need to enhance the user experience (UX). Talk to your in-house IT team or consider partnering with a digital marketing agency that offers these services. 

4.   Optimize for Mobile

When was the last time you or one of your loan officers tried to access your site from a mobile device? What was the experience like? Was it user-friendly or tedious and unenjoyable?

If your site is not optimized for mobile access, then you might be missing out on a ton of potential business for your mortgage brokerage. Many consumers access the internet primarily from their smartphones, so you need to make sure that your content is in line with this trend. 

5.   Incorporate Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are phrases that are between four and seven words long. These phrases are usually less competitive on search engines. Identify some long-tail keywords that are relevant to your services and strategically work them into your blogs, landing pages, and other kinds of content. 

6.   Throw in Long-Form Content Occasionally

While most of your content should be around 700 to 1,000 words, you can occasionally publish long-form articles. These articles should act as “pillar pieces” that reference and link to your shorter blogs. A few examples include an extensive home-buying guide or a breakdown of different types of mortgages.

7.   Utilize a Top CRM with Automation Tools

Putting in the effort to make your site SEO-friendly is useless if no one sees your new content. That is why we recommend advertising your blogs and written materials on social media platforms and other channels. 

Time is at a premium for mortgage brokers. That’s why you should use automated marketing software to make the most of your advertising efforts. 

At BNTouch, we offer a comprehensive CRM platform that is perfect for mortgage brokers, large firms, and multi-location enterprises. Our software includes automated marketing tools, lead distribution, and resources to help you stay connected with your clients.

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