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by Aidan Paringer

You’ve worked hard to get all your online review profiles set up with the best practices in mind and been collecting online reviews for your mortgage company. You’re set, right? Well, not exactly. Having a solid online reputation is massively important to the growth of your mortgage business, but it’s just one piece. The next piece of the puzzle is using that online reputation to grow your business. But how exactly do you do this? Today we explore a few things you can do to leverage your online reputation to grow your mortgage business.

If you’re interested in how to get more reviews for your mortgage business you can see our full article on that here.

Leveraging Your Online Reputation

So once you have the volume of reviews coming into your sites in check, it’s time to leverage these to maximize the impact they will make on your mortgage business. The key thing you want to remember here is you don’t just want to have lots of reviews. You need to promote these reviews and maximize their exposure on multiple fronts.

Here are some of our favorite ways you can get more out of your online reputation to grow your mortgage business:

Turning Client Reviews Into Shareable Graphics

One fantastic way to leverage your online reviews is by promoting them on Digital Ads or Social Media posts. The key here is you don’t just want to repost a link to the reviews. You want to do more.
Turn Reviews Into Mortgage Graphics

If you are familiar with Photoshop, you can do this. If you aren’t, consider hiring a freelancer on a website like Upwork to help you. What you want to do is take the logo from where the review came from, a main or compelling point from the review, and then possibly even a photo of your clients and make a graphic that will fit on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. 

The point of the graphic is to grab the attention of someone scrolling through your social media profile. Then, the text of the ad can either be the review in its entirety or text that shows your appreciation for the positive review with a link to the review on the review site plus a call to action that anyone who needs home financing needs to contact you. 

Add A Syndicated Review Page On Your Mortgage Website

The next thing you want to do with all these great reviews you are receiving is to figure out an easy way to get them on your Mortgage Company’s website to help amplify your online reputation even more.

The most popular review sites syndicate their reviews to other sites. You can do the same thing. Doing so helps you in a couple of ways. First off, from a logistics standpoint, it eliminates the task of you having to remember to manually go in and update the reviews page on your mortgage website. Secondly, once your reviews are syndicated, you will garner additional exposure and have the possibility of increased review and social proof in association with content highlighting your mortgage business. So put simply, more social proof equals more exposure, equals more business.
Syndicated Review On Mortgage Site

Now before your eyes glaze over and you think you can’t do this because you aren’t a web programmer, have no fear. There are actually tools out there that will do this for you. has a great, simple to use tool you can use to do exactly this. 

Using their tool, you can create a page on your website that includes their widget that will automatically show your reviews from a list of popular review sites including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. The bonus, of course, is you don’t have to manually post reviews on your site as they come in.

Even more, their tool allows you to collect reviews on your actual mortgage website and has a great tool you can use to request reviews from past clients via SMS and email. 

Use Your Online Reviews In Offline Settings

Believe it or not, you can even use your online reviews in offline settings to promote your mortgage brokerage. Take some of your best online reviews and print them out in formats your customers and prospects will see to learn more about you and your brokerage. There are many great formats to choose from.

For instance, you can print out online reviews in a large format and put them in frames. You can display those frames in your brokerage waiting room and conference rooms. When prospects come in to see you, they’ll be able to see what others that have worked with you have to say about the quality of your services.
Use Reviews On Mortgage Postcards

You can also take online reviews and incorporate them into direct mail campaigns you are sending to generate more leads. As we’ve discussed, social proof is a fantastic way to attract people to want to do business with you. Including one or two great reviews on your postcard is a great way to give a potential client a window into what it would be like to work with you.

You can even include online reviews in other print collateral such as your personal brochure or presentation folder. If you sit for a minute and think about it, you’ll find there is no shortage of uses for online reviews in the offline world to help grow your business.

Capitalize On Your Online Reputation And Grow Your Mortgage Business

The key element to making sure you are leveraging your online reputation to grow your mortgage business is consistency. Just like your marketing plans <<NOTE: Maybe link here to one of the planning your marketing campaign articles I recently wrote?>>, you have to make a plan to schedule regular management of your online reviews and setting time aside to curate the best ones into graphics and social media posts you can use to further promote your mortgage business.

Maximizing the exposure of your online reputation is one of the easiest ways you can grow your mortgage business. Relentlessly staying on top of these steps and continuing to maximize all the channels your prospective clients will see these great reviews and milestones you are hitting is a fantastic way to take advantage of this great avenue of growth.

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