Digital Loan Docs | Handle All Of Your Mortgage Documents Digitally

by Aidan Paringer

Are you still using paper docs? Handle and automate all of your docs digitally and never print, sign or fax another piece of paper again. With BNTouch you can request, track, download, annotate and e-sign right from your CRM. Read on to discover all of the things you can do with the document section within BNTouch, it’s time to move your mortgage business into 2019.

Upload Loan Documents

  1. Add Loan Documents

    Upload mortgage documents

    You or your borrower can upload documents directly into the CRM. All borrowers will have a online portal for document uploads created for them right when they enter your CRM. You’ll also be able to add any documents they email you right to their portal as well. With the click of a button you can have all documents associated with a record stored securely in one place online.

  2. Request Loan Documents

    Request loan documents

    Create a list of documents that you can request from your borrowers and potential borrowers. This list will be sent to them via email and can be checked off in the borrowers personal portals. All the potential borrower would have to do is click through the email to start uploading the docs you’ve requested. Document pre-set lists can also be saved in your CRM so that groups of documents you need to request over and over can be sent with the click of a button.

  3. Customize Loan Document Requests

    Customize Loan Documents

    You can complete customized the email that goes out to your borrowers to request documents from them. Using our email builder you’ll be able to easily create and save document request email templates right to your CRM so that you’re requesting docs in the exact tone and style that fits your business.

  4. Download Loan Documents

    Download Mortgage Documents

    Quickly download any document associated with the record with the click of a button. You’ll have access to all docs from potential, current and past borrowers organized and in one place at all times. Never misplace a document again.

  5. Loan Document Pre-Sets

    Create Loan Document Pre-Sets

    Have a list of documents that you find yourself needing over and over again? You can create document list pre-sets that you can save to your CRM and re-use again and again. Rather than typing out a new list each time you need one, just select your pre-set “Payment Info” docs list and request W2’s, 1099’s or paystubs from a borrower in seconds.

  6. Track E-Signatures on Loan Documents

    E-Sign Loan Documents

    For those of you with the E-Sign module activated you’ll be able to track, re-request, and download all of your e-sign requests from this section of the CRM as well. You’ll also be able to completely be able to customize your E-Sign request emails just like with docs very soon.

E-Sign, Upload & Track All Of Your Loan Documents Online With BNTouch
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