Common Signs Your Mortgage CRM Is Ready for an Upgrade

by Tomi Pironti

Are you getting the most from your mortgage CRM software? Unfortunately, many lending businesses limp along with an outdated customer relationship management system. When you try to “get by” with a system, it’s not just your business that suffers. Your customers and partners won’t get to experience everything that you have to offer, either. 

With that in mind, here are some common signs your mortgage CRM ready for an upgrade.

Your Mortgage CRM Doesn’t Match Current Compliance Standards

Lenders need software that adheres to current industry standards. Failure to meet regulatory standards can result in fines and other penalties.

Modern mortgage CRMs offer integrated compliance modules. This ensures that your business stays on top of the latest rules and regulations. If your current CRM doesn’t offer support for regulatory compliance, it may be time to upgrade.

You’re Losing Leads

Managing leads is a top priority in the lending industry. Ideally, your mortgage CRM software should be able to help you keep track of your leads and manage client communications.

When leads start to slip through the cracks, it’s a sure sign that your system could use an upgrade. In fact, it may mean that you’re losing clients to your competitors.

A new system can offer tools to help you generate and manage leads. Automated communication helps you follow up with your current leads, while online portals enable your partners to submit new leads from their mobile devices. 

These features help you manage prospective customers and keep them engaged through every step of their journey.

Your Team Can’t Collaborate

If you work with a team, you need tools that help everyone to work together seamlessly. Today’s mortgage CRM software provides tools that let team members share documents to close loans together.

Without these features, your office can quickly become fragmented. Your staff may waste time searching for the right documents in their inbox or request forms that have already been completed by a client. An integrated platform keeps everyone on the same page, letting your office work efficiently. 

You Can’t Take It with You

Believe it or not, there was an era when people did all of their business from their computers. But those days are over. That’s why you need a mortgage CRM that offers mobile features. 

Mobile tools allow you to monitor your business and even collect new leads on the go. That’s vital if you spend time at open houses or networking events.

If your CRM platform doesn’t offer mobile features, it is long overdue for an upgrade. If that sounds familiar, it’s time to consider better options.

Your System Doesn’t Integrate with Other Software

Most businesses rely on a variety of software packages to handle their everyday processes. That’s why you need a mortgage CRM that integrates well with your other digital tools.

If you’re having problems connecting your digital platforms, it’s time to think about an upgrade.

Ready to Update Your Mortgage CRM?

If any of these signs sound painfully familiar, consider upgrading to the BNTouch platform. Our innovative tools help you streamline and modernize your core processes. Our state-of-the-art software helps you get more done and serve your clients more effectively.

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