How to Choose the Right Mortgage CRM for Your Lending Business

by Tomi Pironti

The right technology should bring you results, not headaches. Implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) platform in your lending business is a great way to streamline your processes and connect with your target market. But how do you choose which mortgage CRM platform is right for you? 

This guide will introduce you to the top features of a mortgage CRM and help you learn how each one can impact your lending business.

What Is a Mortgage CRM?

Business is all about relationships. So how can a software platform enhance those relationships? Customer relationship management software offers a diverse range of innovative tools. These tools can help you manage multiple aspects of your lending processes.

Busy loan officers can rely on a mortgage CRM platform to generate leads, communicate with clients, and oversee loans from start to finish. With the right tools, you’ll notice greater accuracy, enjoy better client visibility, and improve your ability to close deals in less time.

In any business, efficiency matters. Lenders especially understand the juggling routine that takes place from pre-loan to pre-closing. The right mortgage CRM can improve your core processes with mortgage-specific workflows to serve your clients’ needs. 

In fact, many lenders recoup more money than they invest in a CRM platform as they enjoy a higher volume of closed transactions and greater client satisfaction. 

Mortgage CRMs vs. Loan Origination Software

Many loan officers use loan origination software to manage their loan processes. However, traditional loan origination software is limited to the loan process. Mortgage CRMs do more. You can generate leads, coordinate between your team members, and manage your business in a comprehensive way with a CRM system.

If you already rely on loan origination software, consider upgrading to a full CRM platform. You could be missing out on additional features designed to enhance every workflow within your business. 

You’ll likely discover that a mortgage CRM system can replace your existing software. It can also integrate into your other tools to optimize your business end-to-end.

Features to Look for in a Mortgage CRM

What are the most essential features in a mortgage CRM? The best software will include a variety of tools to support your brokerage. If you’re thinking about adopting a customer relationship management platform, make sure to look for a system with the following features:

Communication Tools

First-time homebuyers want a lender to walk them through the process from start to finish. They look to you for guidance and understanding. Staying in touch from pre-approval through closing can help them feel at ease and more confident about their loan.

Mortgage CRMs make it easier to stay in touch. The best platforms organize your client correspondence within a centralized dashboard. This means you won’t have to worry about messages getting lost or questions going unanswered.

More significantly, a digital platform can send automated emails and texts to your clients. When your customer completes an important phase of the loan process, they’ll receive an automated status update.

The best platforms take this a step further with a live chat feature that integrates with your website. With these tools, clients and partners can get the answers they need in real-time. Automated responses also help you to collect leads that you can follow up on when you’re back at your desk, no matter what time a client reaches out.

Marketing Features

The right CRM system can also enhance your current marketing strategy. The top packages offer curated digital content including:

  • Customized videos
  • Social media content
  • Email marketing tools
  • Pre-built marketing campaigns

These materials help you generate new leads and build relationships with a broader network of potential clients. All of this content can be accessed and managed through the dashboard of your CRM, where you can also post content to your social media pages. It can even measure the engagement and assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Best of all, your marketing campaigns can be managed through one centralized dashboard. This eliminates the need to open multiple programs to monitor your social media, email campaigns, and other digital marketing efforts.

Web Development Tools

Modern businesses require modern websites. Customer relationship management software makes this easier than ever. Many mortgage CRMs include options to build clean, professional websites that are branded to match your logos and designs.

The best platforms come pre-loaded with website templates, which means your site can be up and running in minutes. Simply select the options that match your business, and fill in your information. Top templates are designed to look great on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

You’ll also need the right tools to track your web traffic. Competitive platforms integrate with tools like Google Analytics to offer insight into your website traffic and how visitors are interacting with your content.

Pipeline Management

A mortgage CRM system can also help you strategize. You can use software to create pipelines for your borrowers, as well as your partners.

A mortgage pipeline is a systematic way of progressing through the loan process. When you’re interacting with borrowers, a pipeline helps you track every stage of the process. This gives you better control and visibility of the steps to close a loan.

For partners, a structured pipeline can demonstrate your commitment to strategic communication. This can go a long way to improving your relationship with real estate agents and other industry professionals.

Collaborative Tools

Do you work in a large brokerage? Mortgage CRM can turn your staff into a well-oiled machine. Everyone in your office can work together through a shared, centralized platform. With the best tools, you can share documents, collaborate on marketing campaigns, and even close leads together. Chat features can even ensure that your team members stay in touch as they work to get borrowers to the closing table.

Bottom line? These features translate into greater efficiency. When your office moves faster, your business moves faster. That’s good news for you and for your clients. 

Customer and Partner Portals

Your customers and partners are used to transparency and communication. Thankfully, a solid mortgage CRM system can allow partners and borrowers to download an app for their mobile devices. Using this approach, you can send out push notifications about the loan process, keeping borrowers and agents informed of the status of loans.

But a customer portal is more than a means of communication. A portal will also allow you to collect documents and signatures electronically. Doing this can accelerate your core processes and improves customer satisfaction.

Partners can also use a portal to engage with your business. You can encourage your partners to use a personalized portal to submit client leads. Mobile-friendly systems ensure that they can submit leads even when they’re out and about. This can help your partners make the most of open houses or networking events.

Customer Surveys

The best feedback you’ll ever receive will come from your clients. A mortgage CRM software package makes it easier than ever to collect customer feedback.

For instance, a mortgage CRM can allow you to create branded surveys. You can send these surveys to borrowers at any stage of the loan process. The feedback you receive can be used to refine your workflows in the future. It also gives you the opportunity to follow up with clients to resolve issues and ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Customer feedback can even be integrated into your web design and marketing efforts. You can display positive reviews collected in the CRM on your landing pages or social media accounts. This kind of testimonial can help you gain credibility with future borrowers.


Many aspects of the loan process rely on basic, repetitive tasks. You can increase both speed and efficiency through the automated features of a mortgage CRM. Your software system can help you handle things like data entry and other essential tasks. This not only accelerates your core processes but also reduces the opportunity for error.

Automated communication means that you’re always “on.” You can send clients regular feedback from your brokerage without ever lifting a finger. 

Together, these features can help you take on a larger client load. This translates into more money for your business and more clients receiving the loans they need.

Which Mortgage CRM Is Right for Me?

Which features are essential for your business? The answer may depend on your unique industry niche. Do you specialize in loans aimed at first-time homebuyers? Then you may value customer portals and communication tools. 

There are, of course, many mortgage CRM options available. You’ll need to assess the needs of your business, the needs of your clients, and the needs of your partners. A comprehensive package will allow you to meet your current needs while planning the future. 

Consider investing in a CRM package that helps you reach these long-term goals. With the right technology, your company can reach its fullest potential.

BNTouch Makes Business Simple

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