Using Chatbots For Mortgage Marketing

by Aidan P

Have you ever received a Facebook message notification that you did not open? If you are like most Facebook users, the answer is NO. Back in the day, you may recall,  the “You’ve Got Mail” notification would compel users of AOL to salivate in anticipation of that new thing called email, they’d rush to their computer to open it. Messages delivered through messenger have a similar effect. There is still such novelty that it makes it a perfect tool to market your mortgage business. It is the perfect time to try messenger chatbots for your mortgage marketing.

In fact, if you compare email marketing to messenger marketing, research shows that whereas click-through rates on email hover around 2-3%, messenger click rates are up to 60% or about 20 times higher than email. Messenger open rates can go as high as 85% compared to email open rates of about 17%.

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What exactly is a messenger chatbot?

What is a mortgage chatbot
In it’s simplest form, a chatbot is a piece of software that can be programmed to “Chat” with your prospect/clients for you. Common uses of this software are; to provide basic information about the business such as contact information for various departments of a business, provide hours of operation, provide links to resources available on a website, answer frequently asked product and tech support questions. A chatbot is a simple and effective way for any business to have a low cost, interactive exchange of information with a customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Curious to see exactly how this works? Visit a couple of Facebook Pages and a Website which use Messenger Chatbots now to engage customers:

  • MobileMoney -The best example of this, is one of the creators of a chatbot platform. You can get to know all about their service, pricing, and get training, all with their chatbot.
  • Kaimana Jerky -They sell great beef jerky, and they use a chatbot right on their website to show some of their menu items and guide visitors to other areas of their website. They use the same chatbot on their Facebook Page.
  • Molly The Performer’s Facebook page – The messenger chatbot guides visitors through some Q&A in an informative and entertaining fashion.

If you are at least minimally creative, I think you can start to see some real possibilities for this technology in the mortgage business.

Why should you use chatbots for marketing?

Use chatbot for loan officers
Consumer behavior around technology changes continually and rapidly. If the new tools give the user a better experience than the old tools, they’re usually adopted quickly. Since 2016,
business Insider reports, messaging apps have surpassed Social Networks in terms of daily active users. In the US there are 1.3 Billion users of Facebook Messenger, says this report.

You may be aware that back in 2014, Facebook purchased WhatsApp for “a mere” $19 Billion. Zuckerberg knew the potential of the acquisition. Currently, WhatsApp is the number one messenger app in 169 countries. On January of 2019, Zuckerberg published his “focus on digital” where he stated, “Messaging is the area that’s growing the most quickly”.  Between the two platforms, Facebook has unprecedented reach through its messenger  application users. This puts all those potential buyers within easy reach of advertisers. It is clear to see how massive the potential in this area is.

How to create your own messenger bot – for free!

build a mortgage chatbot
Now that we are excited about the idea of messenger chatbots, how do we launch one fast?

There are several applications that make it simple for anyone to launch a powerful messenger bot in a short amount of time and at zero expense. They offer great platforms along with all the resources you need to launch your messenger chatbot. Let’s look at three very popular apps to build chatbots.

ManyChat – Probably one of the most well-known apps in the space, and the one with the least complicated user interface. Perfect for the non-coder and those who are “not so good with technology” as well. They have pre-built bots for a few different types of businesses. You can easily duplicate these and adapt to your particular business/industry. They have a free plan which you can use to get started right away.

ChatFuel – Another leader with a huge user base which includes a very impressive list of fortune 500 companies. The simple interface makes it easy for new users to launch their first bot. Those who have experience with code will be pleased to find the extensive list of customization options to make very sophisticated chatbots as well.

MobileMonkeyAnother easy to use app that was built with the non-coder in mind. MobileMonkey has a feature-rich free plan to get your bot launched without having to spend a dime. They have an excellent “master class” on marketing with Facebook Messenger Chatbots.


Messenger Chatbot marketing could give your mortgage business a great boost. There are so many creative ways you can use chatbots. They can do basic collect lead data from prospective borrowers, answer frequently asked questions, and even give quotes. This could be a great tool to engage with First Time Home Buyers, to guide them through their possible loan options with a bot.

Be an early adopter, get that first mover advantage in your market. As technology automates so many areas of our business, you can be assured that if you don’t dive in, your competition will. With a combined user base of around 2.8 Billion users between Messenger and WhatsApp, your audience is out there, “meet them where they are.

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