Top 6 Must-Have Features for Your Mortgage CRM Software

by Tomi Pironti

The right mortgage CRM software can drastically improve the efficiency of your loan officers and streamline the consumer experience. However, finding the best CRM software can be challenging. The market is flooded with options, not all of which are created equal. Choose wrong and you are wasting your hard-earned investment capital.

With that in mind, the experts at BNTouch have outlined six must-have features for your CRM software. These tools and workflows are just what you need to revolutionize the mortgage brokerage process. 

Before you settle on a mortgage CRM, make sure that it includes all of these exciting capabilities!

1.   Team Collaboration

For the growing mortgage brokerage, team collaboration is a must-have feature. A great CRM should allow your loan officers to easily work with all other team members. This includes real estate agents, processors, and assistants. They should be able to share notes, view file progress, and work on client accounts.

2.   Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools are vital if you want to stay competitive in the modern mortgage industry. Instead of wasting hours manually performing tedious tasks, you can use our software to free up staff. 

BNTouch workflows allow you to automate:

  • Client follow-up emails
  • Lead generation
  • Lead distribution
  • Birthday reminders

The tasks outlined above are just a few of the tasks that you can automate with great CRM software.

3.   Cross-Platform Communication

Let’s face it, everyone seems to have their own preferred form of communication. Some of your team members will prefer email, while other loan officers will opt for a text or social media messages. 

When you are seeking a mortgage CRM for your business, make sure that it allows cross-platform communication. This feature will help your staff stay connected with leads, borrowers, and agents. The result is a more streamlined mortgage experience. 

4.   Integrated Lead Distribution

Distributing leads manually is an outdated process. The top mortgage brokers are distributing their leads using automation software. With the right mortgage CRM, you can, too.

Integrated lead distribution tools also allow you to track each member’s performance. You can assign new leads based on which loan officers are producing the best results. This will help your bottom line and improve customer satisfaction. 

5.   Administrative Control

A great CRM platform should also provide administrative control and reporting. These features allow you to modify the CRM’s functionality to fit your team’s needs. You will also be able to analyze every aspect of your loan officers’ performance. 

6.   Digital Loan Platform

The right mortgage CRM software should also provide a digital loan platform. Borrowers will be able to complete the 1003 online and view the status of their loan. Your loan officers can digitally manage documents and provide clients with SMS updates.

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