Best Social Media Management Software For Mortgage Brokers & Loan Officers

by Aidan Paringer

When it comes to building a robust mortgage pipeline, online leads are more important than ever. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 98% of Millennials and 89% of those in the Baby Boomer’s generation start their home and home loan searches online. If you want to be present online and get found in the research people are doing, your social media presence is an extremely important piece of the puzzle. With so many other responsibilities in your day to day business, how do you ensure that you are posting enough content online and monitoring the engagement of your posts? Enter social media scheduling and monitoring tools.

What Is A Social Media Management Tool?

Social media management tools give you a centralized dashboard you can use to manage many of the requirements of a social media campaign. From your dashboard, you can manage multiple social media platforms. In that dashboard you can schedule messages for each social media platform you are a part of, track mentions of your brokerage or replies to your posts to engage in meaningful online conversations and even monitor conversations thought leaders in your space are having, allowing you to jump into those conversations, allowing you to more easily establish yourself as a thought leader in the mortgage space.

As an added bonus, many social media scheduling and monitoring platforms allow you to pull feeds of content from third-party sources which you can use in your content planning strategies, enabling you to share popular content related to the mortgage industry that will garner engagement (likes, shares and comments) on your social media profiles, making it easier for you to put out more regular content, avoiding the time and energy of constantly having to create 100% original content on your own.

What Mortgage Pros Need To Effectively Manage Their Social Media

According to Pew Research social media demographics are distributed in three key areas of the country, 75% is Urban, 67% is Suburban and 58% are in Rural communities.

This means reaching the full spectrum of home buyers is a possibility. No matter what type of home loan product you offer, be it: FHA, VA, JUMBO, or USDA having a social media presence can benefit you.

With the rise of social media, people expect that anybody they are potentially doing business with will have a well rounded, “lived in” social media presence. If someone comes across a mortgage broker’s profile that hasn’t been updated in a long time, it shows they are not as “on top” of their business as another brokers profile that has consistent updates.

Social media scheduling tools fit perfectly in the day to day rigors of running a successful mortgage business. By using a scheduling tool, you can schedule an appointment with yourself to pre-load posts that will be distributed over a week, or better yet a month, ensuring that your profiles are regularly updated with great information that will make any potential clients automatically assume you are a thought leader in your marketplace.

Even more, the listening tools that social media scheduling platforms offer give you the ability to engage on an almost real-time level with potential clients. With the dawn of digital media, there has never been a more “on-demand” mindset than now. Being able to get alerted the instant anyone reaches out on any of your social media profiles and having the ability to quickly and easily respond to them increases your chances of actually doing business with that person exponentially.

Must-Have Features For Your Social Media Software

There are a wealth of platforms you or your brokerage can subscribe to in order to effectively amplify your social media efforts. Here are some key features you want to evaluate when searching your options:

  • Support for all the social media platforms you have accounts on
  • Automated posting capabilities for each social media platform you use
  • RSS syndication so blog content can be posted across your social media accounts
  • Social listening tools you can use to monitor mentions of your brand
  • Tracking links in your posts so you can see exactly how many clicks they’re getting
  • An integrated reply tool that allows you to respond to comments on social posts in your dashboard
  • Integration with tools like Zapier, or a direct connection to your CRM to sync lead data
  • An option to turn posts into Facebook or Instagram ads


Top Social Media Software | Scheduling & Monitoring Tools

Because there are so many social media scheduling and monitoring tools on the market, let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social Media For Mortgage
Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media tool that helps manage every aspect of your social media growth. They have a 30-day free trial and different pricing plans to suit your specific needs.


  • They have streamlined analytics that are easy to understand
  • Their easy visual inbox ensures your engagement with potential clients is always carried out
  • Their publishing tools work great if you are part of a team, allowing everyone to get a 360-degree view of your content schedule


  • Their pricing platforms are higher than most, starting out at $99 per user per month
  • They are lacking direct connection options with CRM platforms to transfer lead data
  • Their lower account tier limits you to only 5 social profiles


Hootesuite Social Media For Mortgage
Hootsuite is a popular, easy to use platform that allows you to manage all your
social campaigns on one platform. You can schedule and publish content to the right channels at the right time, track effectiveness in real-time, allowing you to boost the volume on your top-performing social media content. They have a free 30-day trial and affordable pricing plans.


  • They are one of the cheapest feature-rich platforms, starting at $29 per user per month
  • They have a robust integration platform, allowing you to connect with your CRM and may other platforms you are likely using
  • Their reporting easily shows which content is working the best so you can amplify it and create additional similar content


  • You cannot add additional users to your count without upgrading to their business-level account
  • Access to their content library is restricted to business-level accounts and above
  • Ad campaign management requires business-level or above accounts (and is an add-on expense)

BNTouch Mortgage CRM

BNTouch Social Media Software
BNTouch truly understands the mortgage industry. They realize that many mortgage brokers don’t have a marketing team on staff and as a result, keeping up to date with regular social media content is something that probably slips through the cracks. Their curated selection of mortgage memes, content and news makes it so you can easily schedule your social media content in a set it and forget it process.


  • They have a vast library of mortgage-related, curated content
  • The tool runs inside their CRM, making lead integration seamless
  • Their Facebook ads tool allows you to seamlessly target leads with Facebook ad campaigns


  • The platform only posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • The platform lacks some of the analytic tools available on other social media posting platforms
  • The platform is built into the BNTouch CRM, so if you already have a CRM you’ll need to migrate to a new CRM platform


If you want to be competitive in the mortgage industry in the digital age, you need to have a strong social media presence. It’s not enough to just have posts going out to your social media profiles, but you have to actually “be social” with the people that are interacting with your posts. Having a powerful social media scheduling and monitoring tool in your arsenal will make this easier, build stronger relationships with potential clients and help you close more business.

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