5 Software Tools Every Mortgage CRM Should Include

by Tomi Pironti

While customer relationship management software can be a valuable asset for any loan officer. Mortgage CRM tools are not all created equal. If you want to ensure that you find the best solution to meet your needs, ensure that it includes the following tools:

1.   Customer Alerts

Customer alerts ensure that you never forget to reach out to a current or past client. 

Common alerts include birthday reminders and refinance notifications. Something as simple as sending out a birthday message can have a big impact. It is a great way to leave the door open for future deals. 

Refinance notifications may help earn repeat business as well. Remember, that every client wants to save money on their mortgage payment. 

2.   Multichannel Communication

Every client has different go-to communication preferences. Many like email, while others prefer text messages. Some even want to communicate through social platforms or messenger applications. 

This is why you need a CRM that merges many communication channels into a single app. 

CRMs that include these features send your loan officers and other partners a notification any time they receive a message. This allows them to respond and maintain open lines of communication with clients. Great communication is key to a great lending experience. 

3.   Automated Lead Distribution

robot with mortgage crm tools in computer screen behind him

Manually assigning leads to loan officers is time-consuming and downright frustrating. To make matters worse, handling this manually opens the door for errors. 

CRMs with lead distribution tools allow managers to automate this process based on team member performance. This approach rewards high-performing team members. Then in turn incentivizing other loan officers to up their game. 

4.   Reporting Tools

Analytics tools allow supervisors to easily track individual and team performance. These tools ensure that loan officers are performing at optimal levels. Reporting tools also allow lenders to identify concerning trends and take necessary steps to remedy these issues. 

5.   Digital Document Management Capabilities

Processing loans using paper documents is inefficient and tedious. That is why every great CRM should include digital document management capabilities. Such a platform will improve the borrower experience and speed loan processing. 

When searching for a CRM, ensure that the digital loan platform includes an online 1003. 1003 is one of the most common lending forms. In addition, it should also send out automated processing updates via push notifications. 

This feature will notify mortgage brokers when a borrower takes action on their account. From there, they can log in and review documents, request more information, etc.

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