6 Ways To Promote Your Mortgage Marketing Video Content

by Aidan Paringer

Your video is recorded, edited and uploaded to the right platform. Now you need viewers! As much as we would all like to just upload our masterpiece to the internet, and have people flock to us, it just simply doesn’t happen as a matter of course. Contrary to popular belief, they won’t come just because you built it. In order for your video to get views, you need to actively promote your mortgage marketing video. Let’s go over the most practical strategies for you to get people to engage with the content you have worked so hard to create. And did you know that adding video to your landing pages can increase your conversion rates by up to 80%.

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Organic/Free vs. Paid Marketing Video Promotion

There are two paths you can follow, ideally both, to get your video in front of those who can benefit from it. The first, and usually no cost way, is organic promotion. Secondly, and the fastest way to get views to your video, is using paid ads.

Free Promotion Strategies

free mortgage video marketing promotion strategy

Optimize Your Video

One of the first things you should do before you promote your video is optimize it. This will allow you to create a better user experience, and increase the potential of your video being found and indexed by crawlers. A few quick steps you can take to accomplish that are:

  • Come up with a great title to your video. Make sure it includes the keywords you want to rank for. These should be closely related to the message your video is conveying and the problem it solves if any. For example; “Three mistakes you want to avoid when looking for ‘refinance rates online’”. The key-phrase here is “refinance rates online” and the possible problem solved is making a mistake as you search.
  • Type a good video description. On most websites and social media platforms, you will need to describe the content of your video. Make sure you take this opportunity to hook the reader, and the web crawlers as well. The description should include a summary of your video content, along with the keywords you are targeting. On platforms such as YouTube, this is a great opportunity to add links to your other online assets. Neil Patel is a master at this, see a great example of a video description here.
  • Design a good thumbnail. This is hugely important as it is the first thing that people will ever see about your video. Look at Youtube channels such as Gary Vaynerchuck AKA GaryVee, Neil Patel, and Casey Neistat and notice their use of video thumbnails.

Promote Videos To Your Email List

Use your email list to promote your video content to your subscribers. Your loyal fan base will likely consume your content more avidly than cold traffic, and they will share it with people they know. See how BNTouch’s email and text message marketing tools can help you promote your videos.

Use a small thumbnail or call to action on your email signature as appropriate, to direct anyone who you interact with, to view your content.

Upload Videos Directly To Social

The social media algorithms will show your videos to more people if you upload them directly to their platforms. Don’t just share your YouTube video links on Facebook, it will actually get shown to less people. Upload the video directly to Facebook and you’ll see many more views on that platform. Same with LinkedIn.

Post Into Related Groups On Facebook & LinkedIn

This is relatively simple and easy to do in the mortgage and Real Estate space. There are literally hundreds of groups related to your industry where you can engage with those who would benefit from your content. Facebook and LinkedIn are the ideal platforms for mortgage and Real Estate videos. Just search for “Home Buyer” or “Loan Officer” and your city in the search bar on either platform and filter your search to groups. Joining groups will give you access to massive local audiences for free.

Paid Promotion Strategies

Put even a small amount of money behind your videos and you will accelerate your success. There are many ways to launch video promotion campaigns and target the exact audience you want to reach.

Running Ads On Facebook

Mortgage Video Facebook Ads
With as little as $5 a day, and the ability to turn on and off the campaign at will, you can launch a promotion for your video. Currently, Facebook has one of the most undervalued platforms for ads in general. By using the tools and resources available through their ad manager, Facebook can put your video in front of your ideal customer.

It is not uncommon to get views of 50% or more of the length or your video for less than 5 cents per view. You not only have someone who watched your video and seen your message or a portion thereof, now you also have someone who raised their hand and identified themselves as potential buyers of your product or service. Now you can build custom audiences and retarget these people with follow-up videos, and move them down your sales funnel.

If you are new to running ads on Facebook, this may already sound unfamiliar. The good news is, Facebook has a fantastic and thorough learning suite with over 75 free courses to teach you all you need to know about using their advertising platform. All free of charge.

Utilizing YouTube Ads

Mortgage Video Ads On Youtube
Needless to say, YouTube has a huge user base and massive potential for your video to be seen for two reasons. First, it is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google which of course happens to own YouTube. In spite of the massive potential, YouTube ads are still highly underutilized, competition is rather low.

There are three types of YouTube ads you will have to choose if you decide to run ads on the platform:

  • TruView ads
    These come in two forms, discovery and in-stream. The discovery ads are those that appear in typical ad fashion on search results. In-stream ads are those which you see sometimes while watching a video. They can appear on YouTube directly or be displayed anywhere on the Google Display Network.
  • Pre-Roll ads.
    These ads appear at the beginning of videos that people watch on YouTube. It is very likely that you may have already been familiarized with these ads if you watch YouTube at all.
  • Bumper ads
    These are short ads limited to 6 seconds and also play at the beginning of YouTube videos.

Ads on this platform are still very inexpensive, and may oftentimes have higher buying intent than Facebook ads. You would be well served to explore this option in more detail. Here are three helpful resources that cover YouTube ads in great detail:

Now you have some ideas on how to promote your video content without breaking the bank. We hope you will take action sooner rather than later and invite you to share your success with us in the comments below, and make sure to connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and  Instagram to see our video content.

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