Mortgage Video Editing | You’ve Recorded A Video, Now What?

by Aidan Paringer

You have finally taken that leap towards marketing your mortgage business online; a video has been recorded. What steps do you take now to maximize your mortgage video editing and uploading? In the formal sense of video and film production, any work that is done after a video/film has been shot is known as “Post-Production” or “Post” for short. Let’s explore the different choices you may have for post, taking into account your equipment and budget.

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Post Production Editing

Mortgage Video Post Production
In almost all cases, you will want to do some editing to your video after recording. At the very least, you want to trim the video of unwanted footage such as you staring at the camera before starting to record or that short clip of you walking up to your phone to hit the “Stop” button to end the recording. Post-production can be as simple as that. There are a few other steps you can take to make your video more worthy of your viewers’ attention though.

Free/Low Budget Post-Production

If you are just recording video with your phone, and do not have editing software or the budget to pay an editor, here is what you can do:

Windows and Apple computer users both have the option to edit video and photos with programs that are built-in on both operating systems. Apple has iMovie and Windows has its native “Microsoft Photos” app. Both programs allow you to do basic editing such as trimming and mixing different clips and adding photos and graphics to your finished work.

Using either the Windows or Mac software, you can add intro and end cards to enhance your content as well. You can insert graphics in your videos which you can create with your computer’s software or third-party apps and programs such as Canva and Pixlr, both of which are free.

If you are comfortable editing on your phone or iPad, there are quite a few mobile apps for video editing. Some of them are free and most others are very affordable.

Some of the most popular mobile video editing apps are (available on Android & iOS):

  • Quik – Free and user-friendly for those starting out. You can definitely make that transition from a complete newbie into an “experienced” creator with Quik.
  • VivaVideo – A feature-rich mobile video editor offering free and paid plans.
  • KineMasterThis is paid a version editor. Considering the plethora of features it offers, it really is a bargain. For about $5 a month or $40 a year you can have an editor that you can use to add multiple layers on a timeline, add multi-track music, graphics or other video layers. You can do basic color correction, adjust brightness, exposure and much more.

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Bigger Budget

At this level, you are probably looking to have a nice polished image for your videos, and consistent presence on Social Media. You ideally want content that turns into relationships. Time to step up your post production level. Here is a short list of the fundamental tools to take your video production beyond the startup stage:

  • Computer – The first piece of equipment to consider is the computer you will use for editing video. Your computer will need to meet certain minimum requirements of RAM and Processor power among other things. The good news is, most computers that are 2 years old or less should have what you need to use editing software. Before buying that computer, make sure you review the minimum requirements for whichever software you decide to use for editing. Best Buy and Amazon have some great deals on computers which will more than adequately serve your needs, starting at around $500.
  • Editing Software – Your second consideration will be the editing software you will invest in. The industry standards for editing video are; Premiere Pro by Adobe and FinalCut pro, the latter only available for Apple computers. Adobe has subscription plans that start around $25 a month and provide you access to Premiere Pro and a few other programs that will likely help you on your video production. Final Cut Pro is $299.99 according to their website.

Editing your videos is essential to get to a level of marketing above just sharing selfie style video. Uncut/unedited video has its place, we will cover that shortly. However, by and large, achieving a polished presentation on video will require that you roll up your sleeves and put in some work yourself, or outsource editing to a third party.

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Hosting / Uploading Your Video

Mortgage Video Hosting
Once your video is “presentable”, you need to upload it somewhere for distribution. Let’s review some options for hosting video, whether you have a budget of zero, or can invest some funds to host your videos somewhere.

Free Video Hosting

  • YouTube – Without a doubt, a very viable option as you are starting out, and even beyond. YouTube has created a great Creator Studio so you can host and distribute your videos within their platform. They will provide you with tools such as insights, custom thumbnails, captions and so much more.
  • VimeoAnother platform for free hosting is Vimeo. The platform is considerably different than YouTube. Vimeo is geared more towards people who are in the film industry at different levels. Content you will see there is quite different from YouTube’s content. The thing to consider here is, if you want to host for free and be able to hide your content from public indexing, Vimeo is the better option for that.
  • There are other hosting and sharing sites such as Meta Cafe and Daily Motion and likely some features that may appeal to you about one or more of these lesser-known sites. For a full list of free video sharing sites, simply run a Google Search of that term.

Bigger Budget Hosting

If you are looking for video hosting with premium features, there are a few tried-and-true choices to consider.

  • Vimeo. Their paid hosting service offers some very affordable plans starting at around $7 which give you unlimited length videos and other premium features which you may need under certain circumstances. If you are starting any type of membership site, where only members can view your video content, you will need to keep your videos behind a paid wall. Vimeo gives you that option, even at their low-end pro plan.
  • Wistia. This is the most widely used premium video hosting service. Their premium features allow you to have granular level control of your marketing. They are not inexpensive. Their plans are around $100 per month. If you have a mortgage marketing plan that will generate a couple of loans a year if you use their platform, it would be well worth the investment.

Live Stream Video and Hosting

Loan Officer Live Stream
Those that are not afraid of making mistakes and having those faux pas’ immortalized, will be comfortable with live streaming video. There are no redos in this environment, no editing or post-production and there is a lot to be said for this simplicity. In this format you fire up your live streaming device/platform, in most cases, just your phone or webcam, hit “go live” and you are broadcasting.

Once the live stream has ended, your video will be saved on the platform for sharing at a later time. The great news is, these platforms are mostly free for streaming and hosting of your video.

Some of the most popular live streaming platforms:

  • Facebook Live – probably the most widely used form of live streaming. Very popular and significant organic reach if you have a lot of friend/followers.
  • Instagram Live – Owned by Facebook, another great choice for streaming live. The audience may be a bit different than Facebook’s in some cases.
  • YouTube Live – A hugely popular choice for many creators who already use YouTube as a marketing platform. When it comes to features and benefits, using YouTube Live is probably the best choice in many cases. You get tremendous SEO benefits if you optimize your live stream properly. It can be listed on Google searches more likely than any other platform. If you are looking for bigger organic distribution, YouTube live is probably your best choice.

In a nutshell, once your video is recorded, you want to get it ready for distribution. That involves editing in most cases, even if at the basic level. Then you need a place to host the video, a place that will serve your intended end result. It can be simple, yet not always easy. Hopefully, this introduction has opened up some options for you to consider on your journey to making the most of your video marketing.

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