Creating Your First Facebook Ad For Mortgage Leads

by Aidan Paringer

Facebook advertising is one of the most cost efficient and hyper targeted way to advertise your business online. More and more of the world largest brands seem to be catching on to this fact each day as companies like Apple and Nike begin to move more of their advertising budget from TV over to Facebook and other digital ad platforms. With a user base of over 2.2 billion people, it’s no wonder advertisers are flocking to their platform. In this video we walk you through exactly how to use Facebook’s advertising platform and create your own facebook mortgage ads to draw in more leads.

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Here are some of the important pieces of information you’ll need from the video.

  • Facebook has 2,000 different points of data that they’re constantly compiling on us. On an individual level this may be a bit scary but from a business standpoint this allows us to target our perfect customers with incredible accuracy.
  • We’ve seen the most success with the following detailed targeting settings: Behaviors – Likely to Move, Demographic – Renters, Interests – Real Estate.
  • Try to make your ad copy as consumer-centric as possible, make it about them, not you and always make sure your copy ends with some sort of call to action.
  • We recommend an image that allows someone to visualize their future.
  • The less fields you have on a form the more sign-ups you’ll get and the more fields you have on a form the more you’ll be able to qualify a lead right off the bat. Play around with different form lengths to find what works best for you.

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