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by Crystal Minter

In today’s market landscape, consumers are spending more of their time engaging with businesses online. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to utilize a wide range of web-based marketing tools in order to grow your professional network and convert leads into clients.

Simply having a professionally designed landing page that represents your mortgage loan company is not enough in the competitive online environment. Those who wish to distinguish themselves as trusted mortgage professionals need to employ a variety of methods for delivering content to prospective customers and current clients.

Why Customized Video Content Works

Globally, over half of all businesses claim that video content results in the best return on their marketing investments. There are many reasons that video content is so effective for converting online users into active borrowers.

For one, almost half of consumers report watching at least one hour of videos online in a given week. YouTube, the most popular online video platform, garners more searches per day than any website other than Google. This is irrefutable evidence of the massive impact that video content has on the online market.

Videos make it easy for users to engage with a company’s messaging. They also provide businesses with the possibility of creating content that is entertaining, while still being informational and promotional.

Types of Video Messaging for Mortgage Professionals

As a mortgage loan professional, video content is one of the most versatile online marketing tools at your disposal. Working with a client relationship management platform, such as BNTouch, provides you with a range of professionally published and customizable videos that can serve a variety of specific marketing functions for your loan company.

About Mortgage Videos

“About Mortgage” videos help engage and educate individuals and families about the home buying and mortgage loan process.

BNTouch recently launched three new videos for users to share and stay top of mind with their borrowers and prospects:

  • “5 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Home”
  • “The Do’s and Don’ts of the Loan Process”
  • “Tips for the Mortgage Closing Process”

Customized Birthday Videos for Clients

One of the most important parts of building a thriving mortgage loan business is networking and cultivating positive relationships. Mortgage professionals should never take their current clientele for granted or make them feel forgotten. On the other hand, manually crafting customized content for each and every client you have can take valuable time away from other business functions, such as cultivating new leads.

Using a mortgage CRM that provides customizable birthday videos (in addition to email list automation) allows you to ensure that your clients know you appreciate them, while not diminishing your workflow efficiency. When clients know that you appreciate and remember them, you are more likely to retain their business in any future home purchasing or mortgage refinancing.

In-Processing Videos

In-processing videos are another useful kind of content to market your business online. These videos are designed to provide basic information about the mortgage loan process to users who have no previous experience with it. In-processing videos can accomplish multiple business goals at once.

First, this type of content positions your company as a reliable resource that prospective clients can look to for useful information about the mortgage process. This helps to build trust among your online audience and brands you as a trusted mortgage professional.

Additionally, in-processing videos actually provide useful information to prospective clients. Providing valuable information is an excellent way to garner positive responses from those who are interested in finding a loan. If a prospective client views an in-processing video that is customized with your contact information, they will likely direct any of their more specific questions about their unique circumstances to you.

Because they provide valuable information to those who engage with them, in-processing videos can also be used as gated content in order to grow your pool of leads. If you choose, you can allow users to view these informational videos in exchange for providing some basic contact information. Beyond simply lengthening your email list, this information can help you to target your online marketing strategy more effectively over time.

Loan Anniversary Videos

Much like birthday videos, loan anniversary themed videos offer an excellent way to remain top-of-mind for your current clientele. However, unlike birthday videos, loan anniversary reminders also offer ways to re-engage clients by introducing them to exciting refinancing options.

With BNTouch, you will have access to customizable and fun animated videos that will remind your clients of their first, fifth, and tenth loan anniversaries. Showing clients that you still value them and are ready to help them with their current refinancing options is highly effective to ensure client retention and to build client trust.

Record a Video

BNTouch Mortgage CRM allows users to record videos, add customized content, and attach document(s) to send to their borrowers and prospects via text or email. Previously recorded videos saved in the video library can also be inserted into customized messages.

As recipients view the video message on a web page, they can conveniently log into their portal to take care of any actionable items mentioned in personalized video messages.

Learn more about recording videos and sending custom text and email messages using BNTouch CRM records here 

Video Content Provided Through a Mortgage CRM

Video marketing content is one of the newest, most versatile, and most effective online marketing tools available today. Customized and professionally produced videos are useful for discovering new high-quality leads, building your professional brand, and retaining your company’s current client base.

Client retention is key to maintaining a thriving business, both for your reputation as a trusted mortgage loan officer and to ensure that your clients come to you first for their future homebuying and mortgage needs.

BNTouch is a comprehensive mortgage CRM that provides customizable video marketing content, including birthday messages, in-processing, and loan anniversary videos to help you effectively market your loan company in today’s online marketplace.


Send Personalized Videos and Recorded Messages


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