Cut Down on Your Workload with Collaboration Tools for Mortgage Brokers

by Tomi Pironti

The mortgage industry is experiencing exponential growth, which has left loan officers scrambling to meet deadlines and satisfy customers. While keeping up with the demand for new loans and refinancing can be challenging, you can maximize efficiency with BNTouch’s collaboration tools.

We offer cutting-edge customer relationship management software that can not only help you stay connected with clients, but also to streamline internal interactions. By incorporating these tools into your business strategies, you can reduce downtime, improve the customer service experience, and increase conversion rates.

Cut Down on Your Workload with Collaboration Tools for Mortgage Brokers,

Benefits of Mortgage CRM Software

Modern mortgage CRM software can improve every phase of the home buying process. From underwriting to closing, implementing this software is a real game-changer. Some of the benefits include

Improved Team Collaboration

Even before the challenges of 2020, getting multiple team members together was a challenge. However, this direct in-person collaboration was vital when you needed to get a file completed within a tight deadline. With BNTouch’s CRM software, you can facilitate this collaboration remotely.

All of your team members can access the same file digitally and complete vital tasks. Your loan officers, processors, and even real estate agents can share notes, receive progress updates, or upload essential documents. The ability to collaborate digitally can reduce your workload, while also improving loan processing speed.

Efficient Lines of Communication

Our software is not limited to desktop access. You can also access all of this vital information through a convenient mobile app. This allows you to connect with your leads, real estate agents, borrowers, and other team members via multiple lines of communication.

Our team mortgage CRM facilitates communication through email, text message, social media messenger applications, and push notifications. This multi-faceted approach to communication means that you eliminate delayed response times. Improving your ability to interact with customers can increase your conversion rates and decrease loan processing times.

Analyze Lead Conversion Performance

The benefits of our CRM software do not stop there. In addition to improving collaboration and communication, it can also help with lead distribution and conversion.

Think of the countless hours you have spent manually receiving and distributing leads to your team. Our software can automatically handle both of these tedious tasks. It will also provide you with feedback on each member’s performance, allowing you to analyze their conversion rates.

As you notice trends in your team’s performance, you can make adjustments to improve profitability. Using these analytics, you can continue to grow your business while also ensuring a positive customer experience.

Our software is already integrated with many popular lead providers and is flexible enough to integrate with most proprietary systems. This allows your team to seamlessly transition to our software without replacing existing lead funnels.

Cut Down on Your Workload with Collaboration Tools for Mortgage Brokers,

Partner with BNTouch Mortgage CRM to Revolutionize Your Customer Management

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