Mortgage Borrower Marketing and Partnership Management Technology

by Crystal Minter

When mortgage brokers and loan officers are working to expand their network of high-quality contacts and convert new clients, organization is crucial. This is especially true in cases where other business partners are involved in delivering borrower referrals. In today’s digital marketplace, there are innumerable channels of communication between mortgage professionals, clients, prospects, and partners.

Keeping track of your company’s emails, social media posts, and SMS marketing campaigns can be a logistical nightmare unless you have the right software tools. A powerful mortgage CRM, such as BNTouch, serves as a single centralized platform to help you and your partners manage all of your professional communication channels. This organizational strategy is incredibly useful for your business’s effectiveness and workflow efficiency.

The BNTouch Mortgage CRM provides you with the tools to easily and conveniently keep your communication channels organized, up to date, and active.

Borrower Marketing and Communication Management 

With communication management software from BNTouch, you can arrange all of your communications with clients and prospects through the use of a pipeline organization tool. As new leads make their way through the loan application and borrowing processes, the BNTouch CRM allows you to keep them organized by their stage in the process.

With BNTouch Mortgage CRM, you can automate the sending of emails, SMS messages, and videos to your contacts based on their current mortgage and borrowing needs. This powerful organizational tool means that you can quickly and easily sort your contacts by the following categories:

  • Leads
  • Prospects
  • Applicants
  • In-Processing Contacts
  • Funded
  • Cancelled
  • Follow-Up
  • And More

With the borrower marketing and communication management tools from BNTouch, you will never miss an opportunity to remain top of mind with your clients and prospects. Aside from ensuring that no important messages fall through the cracks, a mortgage CRM also makes personalized communication easier than ever before.

The BNTouch Mortgage CRM allows you to automate the personalization of your communication channels, using meta tags. This adds a personal touch to your emails and SMS messages to clients without decreasing your workflow efficiency. You no longer need to choose between giving every contact personalized attention and taking care of your many business responsibilities.

Stay Up to Date with the Communication Tracker

The Communication Tracker software from BNTouch keeps a record of every piece of communication between you and each of your contacts. This means that you can easily pick up a conversation or conversion right where you left off.

You can see exactly what information you have already delivered to them and when. The Communication Tracker also allows you to keep private notes, reminding you of the information you plan to deliver and why.

Lead Centralization and Organization

The partner portals and app allow any of your company’s partners to submit new leads to BNTouch directly. This centralizes and organizes all of your company’s incoming prospects automatically.

The partner portals also help with internal organization because each partner can quickly check the status of any given prospect or borrower. Effective and efficient communication with your leads and clients requires your company to be internally organized.

The referral management features of the BNTouch Mortgage CRM will make your mortgage business stand out from the competition.

Partner Communication and Referral Management

Much like the borrower pipeline tool, the BNTouch mortgage CRM allows you to develop a partner pipeline. This will keep your communications with partners organized into relevant categories, such as:

  • Business Card/Information Collected
  • Interested Parties
  • Active Partners
  • Preferred Partners
  • Terminated
  • Vendors
  • Friends, Family, and Personal Contacts

Having all of your partner communications effectively organized can greatly increase the number of high-quality referrals you collect each month. It has been shown that referrals increase when brokers maintain an organized system of communication.

The BNTouch Mortgage CRM provides the tools for you to track the status and quality of referrals. This is helpful for your professional communications and for determining which partners tend to deliver the highest quality referrals.


Mortgage Borrower Marketing and

Partnership Management


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