About EMM Loans LLC

EMM Loans LLC is a supportive, engaging mortgage lender who cares about providing excellent service to their customers and teammates alike. When borrowers apply for a mortgage with EMM Loans LLC, they can expect competitive mortgage loan rates, paired with mortgage loan professionals that guide them through the mortgage loan process. 

The company has served 80,000+ customers, funded over $17 Billion mortgage loans, and has a 92 percent customer satisfaction rating.

The Challenge

EMM Loans needed to manage and connect with borrowers and potential customers for its mortgage loan services more easily. It also sought to automate email and text campaigns with a configuration that was user-friendly.

“BNTouch Mortgage CRM has taken away the stress of worrying about email delivery with their ‘Set It and Forget It’ style of building campaigns,” said Michael Weindel, EMM Loans Business Analyst. “The system provides many options as to how and when a campaign can be triggered. Despite the intricacy of those options, we found using BNTouch to be quite easy.”

“For the most complex campaigns, or just for a second set of eyes to review our logic, Keely Carrol [BNTouch Customer Care and Implementation Manager] has been phenomenal when it comes to support, often answering questions within just a few minutes,” Michael said. “I can’t overstate how invaluable Keely’s support has been to us.”

The Results

EMM Loans uses BNTouch Mortgage CRM’s powerful set of features and tools to manage and automate email and SMS campaigns, and communicate seamlessly with its borrowers, prospects, and clients. The company is currently focused on integrating new social media strategies that integrate with BNTouch Mortgage CRM to help grow its business and open new sales opportunities.

Milestone Campaigns

EMM Loans automates milestone campaigns for three organizations that fall under the parent company. “It was a bit tricky because of the level of complexity; however, we were able to map everything in BNTouch Mortgage CRM,” Michael said.

SMS Messages

With BNTouch Mortgage CRM, EMM Loans obtains SMS consent from its borrowers and prospects using a custom field that flags and shows their agreement to receive texts. Enabling these text message capabilities for the company has greatly enhanced timely communications with clients throughout the entire loan process.

New Sales Opportunities

Sending automated, personalized birthday greetings to clients has opened new sales opportunities for EMM Loans.

“Our customers send us thank you emails for thinking of them on these special occasions, which have resulted in refi opportunities for us,” Michael said. “Connecting with our client base on this level has been awesome for our company.”

Enhanced Communication Capabilities

EMM Loans recently underwent a company name change and rebranding initiative to reflect on its vision for a better future in mortgage lending. To communicate this important business update, the company created a BNTouch email campaign to notify its entire database.

“Having the ability to reach out to our audiences with concise, uniform messaging helped save us time, money, and resources,” Michael said.

Upcoming: Integrated Social Media Campaigns

EMM Loans is currently underway with the integration of new social media strategies and campaigns that work in conjunction with BNTouch Mortgage CRM.

“We plan to drive traffic to our website using Facebook Ads,” Michael said.  “A BNTouch web form will capture incoming contact requests on our site and allow us to pursue and manage new marketing and growth opportunities using our BNTouch CRM.”

The company also plans to track incoming lead conversions from these campaigns in BNTouch Mortgage CRM to measure advertising campaign effectiveness.

BNTouch Mortgage CRM Users at EMM Loans: 

105 users


Website: https://www.emmloans.com/