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by Crystal Minter

Because there is currently a growing interest in real estate, many burgeoning loan companies and independent mortgage brokers are attempting to reap the rewards of an increasingly valuable market. With this upsurge in competition comes an opportunity to set yourself apart as a trustworthy, professional, and reliable alternative to the less dependable and less successful LOs in the marketplace.

Customer testimonials present an excellent way to distinguish your company from the competition and position you as a mortgage professional that borrowers can trust. Because testimonials are not paid advertising, prospective clients perceive them to be unbiased representations of the reliability of your mortgage loan company.

Whether they are presented in text or video format, client success stories allow potential customers to know what they can expect if they decide to do business with you. Client testimonials are an effective marketing tool for highlighting your successes and converting prospective clients into active borrowers.

Avoiding Counterproductive Testimonials

One of the primary goals of featuring client endorsements on your website is to increase trust with your audience by showing them the kinds of real results that you can offer. The vast majority of consumers will explore a number of options and read several reviews before settling on a particular mortgage loan officer or company.

High-quality testimonials can show potential customers that you have plenty of experience and a proven track record of guiding clients through the mortgage loan process successfully. However, it is important to gather the right kinds of customer testimonials and display them in effective ways.

When customer testimonials are featured in unsuccessful ways, they have the potential to be counterproductive for your overall conversion rates. For instance, vague client endorsements that lack specifics may actually decrease users’ trust in your company.

If prospective customers suspect that you have fabricated recommendations, they may be suspicious of your loan company and decide to contact a more trustworthy competitor.

It should go without saying that any customer endorsements you use should accurately represent the words and experiences of your clientele. In other words, all testimonials should be real. However, it is also important that featured testimonials feel real to those who read or view them. Including a real testimonial that is poorly constructed has the potential to do more harm than good for your conversion rate.

What Do Great Testimonials Look Like?

The most successful customer endorsements will feature an enthusiastically positive evaluation of the client’s overall experience, along with several specific details with which prospective borrowers can identify.

Be sure that your client endorsements exhibit the following features:

  • Specificity – The best testimonials are those that clearly and specifically state your positive professional qualities. A client referral that simply says that you “did a great job” tells users almost nothing. What did you do well, specifically?A more precise comment would be: “They clearly and patiently walked me through every step of the mortgage process! It was so helpful because I had no experience and didn’t know what to expect.” This type of statement plainly and specifically details the strength that a particular mortgage professional brings to their interactions with the client.
  • Photos – Including an image that compliments the related quote is a great way to foreground the authenticity of endorsements. Whether it is an image of a home that the client purchased or simply a photograph of you with the client, a related picture helps viewers to identify with the testimonial.Prospective customers should be able to picture themselves in the position of a successful borrower. For the best results, feature multiple testimonials and include a different type of image with each, including photos of properties and clients’ faces.
  • Client Information – Be sure to incorporate some amount of identifying information from the client who provided the statement. This will help to personalize them to prospective customers. Typically, this will include their name and city.For instance: “They clearly and patiently walked me through every step of the mortgage process! It was so helpful because I had no experience and didn’t know what to expect. I would highly recommend them and would certainly work with them again!”
    – John Doe, Oregon homeowner

Video Testimonials

For a number of reasons, video testimonials have the potential to be the most powerful way to garner the trust of potential clients. The video format can capture clients’ nonverbal communication, which is an incredibly powerful tool. Seeing a person speak about their personal experience communicates information in ways that written testimonials can’t adequately convey.

Additionally, video formatting is able to humanize and personalize the client’s success story much more than a quote that has been transcribed. When reaching out to a satisfied customer to request a video testimonial, be sure to prompt them with specific questions about their experience.

It is likely that they will address some of the common considerations of potential customers and detail the reasons that their experience with your mortgage loan company was so successful.

Surveys to Create Testimonials 

When you use BNTouch Mortgage CRM, you have the tools to cultivate outstanding client testimonials to boost online engagements and conversions. The CRM has a user-friendly Survey Module to craft customized surveys, collect invaluable information, and solicit impactful client testimonials that drive conversions.


Use BNTouch Mortgage CRM to Send Surveys and Gather Testimonials for Your Website


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