Optimizing the Sales Process with Mortgage Technology

by Aidan P

How can you use mortgage technology to modernize your sales process? Here are a few innovations that are making an impact on today’s mortgage offices—and how they can help you and your team close more deals.


Create a content flow to nurture new leads

When you have a new lead—whether that person’s come in through your website, a referral partner, or a direct inquiry—you’ll be able to automatically send out a stream of relevant content targeted to that individual prospect. You’ll be able to send them emails at every stage of the funnel, from sending a welcome message, sharing details about the process, and asking for information to help them get approved for a mortgage. While some companies may choose to develop their own content, you can also draw from a mortgage CRM’s content library for ready-to-use messaging.

At every stage, you’ll have clear visibility into who’s opened your emails, clicked through to your website, and taken an action. While it’s still important to build a connection to a loan officer, who can be on hand to answer any questions, automating the content process to address frequently-asked questions will help your borrowers avoid confusion and gain confidence in the process, while saving your loan officers time.


Automate the intake process

While in the midst of working with a new prospect for a residential loan, there’s always a lot of paperwork that needs to go back and forth between the borrower, yourself, your brokerage, and the loan underwriter. Just a decade ago, that might have all been done via fax machine or mail, but today, it’s simple to collect all of the data you need online. You can then use a software tool that enables you, your borrower, and their realtor to check the application status at any time. This cuts time on back-and-forth between all the involved parties to check on loan application status, and helps you provide stellar customer service.


Integrate real-world and online communications for a big-picture sense of each deal

Whether your loan officer has a meeting or phone call with a prospect, responds to an email, or sends over a form, all of these communications can be easily tracked to get a holistic picture of your engagement with your prospects. You won’t need to follow up with reps to determine where they are with a lead—all sales-related activity will be instantly logged in a centralized dashboard so that you can clearly visualize where things are at any point.


Set up simple check-ins to stay on contacts’ radar

Building a strong business doesn’t just come down to managing active leads; it’s also essential to maintain positive relationships with past clients and potential partners. A mortgage CRM tool can simplify this process, by sending out customized communication to your network to keep your company top-of-mind. You can use it to send out birthday and holiday greetings, and to email updates about changes to mortgage interest rates to indicate whether it’s a good time to apply for a loan or refinance. Your sales reps may not think to send these messages on their own, but by automating the process, they can still deliver that personal touch with a minimum amount of effort.

When it comes to growing a strong financing business, relationships matter. That’s never going to change. But by adopting new technology that takes the pain out of managing the thousands of tasks that need to be completed in a mortgage professional’s day, you can streamline your team’s workflow so that they have the time to build genuine relationships—and close more business.


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