New Feature Update – Mobile App

by Tomi Pironti

We’ve just made some exciting new updates to our Mobile Mortgage CRM App. This update includes new features that will help you locate partners from your location, increased security functions, and call/email opt-out all from your Mobile Mortgage CRM App! 

BNTouch mobile app that gives you access to almost all of your CRM functions on the go. Giving you the ability to run and grow your mortgage business from anywhere! 

Let’s explore these new features within the BNTouch Mortgage CRM App.

Partner Radar

Quickly find and visit partners around you (from your database).

Partner Radar feature allows you to quickly find and visit partners around you that are linked to your database. This feature was created by popular demand, and we hope you find this a useful tool located partners nearby. Please see the image below of what you should expect from the Partner Radar added feature. 

Biometrics for Added Security

Biometrics for additional security enables biometrics or Face ID/Touch ID (for iOS) access to the app.

Users can access this function in the menu under “Settings” if they then open the sub-tab “Security”. Tapping “Enable Biometrics” will prompt for a fingerprint scan on Android and (ostensibly) a finger or face scan on iOS devices. Please see the image below on how to access Biometrics. 

Call/Email Opt-Out

Email/Call opt-in or opt-out from contacts through the app.  

Open a client record (from the My Pipeline, Last Records, New Records, Record Search, etc.) Once inside,  tap “Contact Info” in the bottom tab (Note that this isn’t the same as the “Contact Info” top-sub-tab within the “Info” bottom-sub-tab-use the “Contact Info” icon at the bottom of the screen). There, scroll to the “Cell Phone, Email, and Street” fields, there will be toggle switches that users can tap to set the status to a minus sign or checkmark, representing opted-out and opted-in. Please see the image below on how to access this feature. 

Want to learn more about the new mobile CRM? Click the button below to check out our feature breakdown which includes a fifteen-minute walkthrough video about Bntouch’s Mobile Mortgage CRM App.

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