How Mortgage Workflow Automation Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

by Tomi Pironti

Borrowers come to you with questions, anxieties, and uncertainties. As a loan officer, it’s your job to inspire trust and confidence. Mortgage workflow automation tools can help you balance your administrative tasks.  Here are five ways that these tools can increase customer satisfaction.

1. A Faster Process

In a competitive market, speed is the name of the game. The right software platform can streamline the entire process. An automated system can reduce human errors and complete repetitive tasks with efficiency.

Borrowers can use the same software platform to upload documents and complete the process using a digital signature. This means that from start to finish, so the application process runs smoothly — and quickly.

2. Better Communication

When borrowers don’t get regular feedback from their loan officer, they get frustrated. Some will look elsewhere. A customer relationship management (CRM) platform can begin to improve communication. The system can even organize messages for later review.

But mortgage workflow automation can take your communication strategy to the next level. An automated system can send updates and reminders to your clients on your behalf. For example, once a critical piece of the loan process is complete, the system can send an update.

This gives borrowers a greater sense of transparency throughout the process. In turn, this will create greater trust in you and your services.

3. Simplified Screening Process

Ordinarily, lenders rely on several different systems to screen applicants. For instance, you might rely on different tools to check credit scores or access pricing data. But relying on different systems can make the process confusing and hard to organize.

Mortgage workflow automation unites these disconnected processes under one software platform. This will make the screening process faster, with fewer “moving pieces” to keep track of. That reduces the likelihood of lost forms or missing information. It also helps speed up the process for you and your clients.

4. Greater Control of the Process

During the loan process, borrowers get pulled in many directions. They’ll be dealing with both the realtor and you, the loan officer. Having the right software puts you in the driver’s seat.

Why is it good to have control? With you guiding the process, your clients will have greater confidence. The trust you build can help borrowers enjoy the experience rather than get frustrated by the details.

5. Personalized Attention

The mortgage industry is all about relationships. Mortgage workflow automation cuts back on the time you spend on routine tasks. The time you save can be better spent building connections with your clients.

This kind of personalized attention pays big dividends. Keeping your clients happy raises the chances that they’ll recommend you to their friends, which helps you land more leads.

Streamline Your Workflow

If you’re not currently using a CRM platform, now is the time. These digital tools can enhance your performance and keep your clients happy. The BNTouch platform can help you with everything from marketing to customer communication.

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