Best Mortgage Website Platforms On The Market In 2020

by Aidan Paringer

Every mortgage brokerage wants to have a great website but what’s the best way to build one. Should I build one from scratch or find a pre-built template? How many pages should it have? Where should I host it? The questions certainly can be stress inducing to say the least. But have no fear, we are here to lend a hand. Today we are going to share with you some great, easy to use website platforms you can use for your mortgage website.

Great Pre-Built Mortgage Website Platforms

As with everything in life, there is no “perfect solution” when it comes to selecting a mortgage website platform. When looking at your options, you of course want to work with a reputable company, but you also want to ensure that you are getting great value for the dollars you are spending to subscribe to the platform. Here are four platforms that we think fit these criteria.

Vonk Digital

Vonk Digital
Vonk Digital has built a highly customizable mortgage website platform that actually is powered by the WordPress platform. They’ve done all the heavy lifting and made it so you and your team can easily manage this complex CMS without fear or confusion.


  • WordPress websites are more likely to be up to date and on the “cutting edge” of technology
  • WordPress websites tend to be SEO magnets, gaining you higher rankings and visibility
  • Their pricing plans are affordable, starting out at $89 per month


  • The website requires onboarding by the Vonk Digital team, so it’s a little harder to launch
  • Unlike other pre-packaged solutions out there, there isn’t a prebuilt CRM integration
  • Unlike other offerings, being built on WordPress means it is possible to accidentally break your website, bringing it offline



Lenderd has taken a unique approach to where they offer both semi-custom websites for mortgage teams and brokerages that can be spun up in as little as 24 hours, and full built from scratch enterprise solutions for brokerages that demand more. All their offerings are packaged with industry leading mortgage tools, in a fully managed platform that makes it easy for you to operate.


  • The site is set up for you, so you have zero heavy lifting to do
  • They have a robust integration capability allowing you to plug in your existing tech stack
  • If your mortgage brokerage is growing quickly, this platform is built for scale



  • The set up price of the website ($497) is higher than most other platforms
  • They offer fewer website layout options than most other platforms
  • You may have to integrate more 3rd party tools into this platform, costing you more money than alternatives.



BNTouch Mortgage Website Builder
BNTouch has created what is quite possibly the easiest to deploy mortgage website platform in the industry. Using their website builder, you can literally deploy a functioning website in just a few clicks.


  • It automatically connects to your Mortgage CRM
  • Each user on the platform automatically gets their own branded personal website
  • Their sites come plug and play already loaded with tons of mortgage content


  • They don’t offer as many templates as some other website platforms
  • You need to have a subscription to their CRM platform to utilize this feature
  • It’s a plug & play system that can’t be fully customized


Lender Hompage

Lender Home Page
Lender Homepage has built a great platform for the small to midsize mortgage team or brokerage. Their template based platform is easy for people with any level of computer skills to launch and they offer a wide array of features that today’s borrowers are looking for on a mortgage website.


  • They have a huge catalog of over 40 website design templates to choose from
  • Starting at only $59 per month, they are one of the lowest cost offerings available
  • They have multiple pricing tiers allowing you to upgrade as you grow


  • Their enterprise features aren’t as feature rich as other offerings
  • They lack 3rd party integration capabilities that other platforms offer
  • If you are growing your business aggressively you may need more features than they offer

Find The Mortgage Website Platform With Features To Fit Your Needs

As we mentioned earlier, there are lots of options out there when it comes to selecting a mortgage website platform. There certainly is no “perfect platform” and you will definitely find that while a platform might be strong in some areas, it could be lacking in others. The key to executing a successful website launch is having a clear idea of what your “must haves” are and finding a platform that can check off as many of those boxes as possible and hopefully has integration options allowing you to connect in what might be missing. If you take the time up front to plan your needs, your launch will be a success and you’ll start seeing increases in your web traffic in no time.

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