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by Crystal Minter

Efficiency and effectiveness are top priorities for every successful mortgage professional. So, finding the best and most laborsaving ways to communicate with leads and clients is incredibly important. It is critical to deliver marketing content and useful information to those in your network in effective and engaging ways.

Not everyone uses the same information channels from day to day, which is why it’s vital to use multiple methods to reach prospective borrowers. While some people check their personal email accounts daily, others may check them much less often.

However, text messaging has become ubiquitous for the majority of consumers. One study suggests that Americans check their phones an average of 80 times each day. The fact that phone use is so pervasive makes sending text messages to borrowers a highly effective tool for all mortgage professionals. BNTouch mortgage CRM provides the means to streamline your texting — Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) – to communicate productively, while saving you valuable time.

Text message marketing is extremely useful for driving user engagement. Text messages have an open rate of around 98%, which is very high when compared with the 23% open rate of email communication.

Automated and Personalized Text Marketing

While texting is the preferred method of correspondence for many prospective customers, taking the time to customize each message that you send would take far too much time away from other professional responsibilities. The Voice Module from BNTouch allows you to create multiple kinds of automated text marketing plans to reach those in your contact network successfully.

Keyword-Based Text Marketing – These marketing campaigns involve providing prospective borrowers with a convenient way to receive general information about the mortgage loan process or specific material about what your company offers. When a user texts a keyword or phrase to a number that you choose, they will receive the material that you have assigned to that keyword.

For instance, you can craft marketing material that reads, “Text INFO to 555-555-5555 for a simple overview of the mortgage process!” When a potential customer does so, they will automatically receive an in-processing infographic, link to a video, or text of your choice.

You can customize this keyword-based text marketing strategy for specific areas of customer inquiry or for particular groups. For example, you might distinguish between a general informational keyword and one focused specifically on rates. Additionally, if you have promotional offerings for specific groups, like veterans, you can determine a keyword marketing approach for that group.

Collect Leads via Text – In addition to the keyword-based marketing approach, the BNTouch Voice Module allows you to collect new leads and easily interact with them directly from your phone. When a new contact sends a text message to a number that you designate, the information is included in your CRM lead list automatically. This strategy is highly effective for growing your pool of prospective borrowers.

Send Images, Infographics, and Documents – MMS marketing provides the tools to send images directly to the phones of your clients, partners, and leads. As mentioned above, infographics can be sent automatically. This can lead to more conversions and more refinancing engagement with current clients. Additionally, the BNTouch Voice Module gives you the capacity to receive important documents from clients directly to your CRM.

Pre-Recorded Messages – Automated marketing campaigns with BNTouch Voice Module also provide you with the capability to curate voice messages that will be automatically sent to contacts for a range of purposes. For example, you could develop a succinct welcome message to provide details about your loan company to new leads or schedule loan anniversary messages for existing clients. This type of automation saves you the time of distributing the same information over and over again.

Meta Tags for Personalization – Contacts are much more likely to engage with the content that you send them if that content is personalized in some way. Automated text marketing messages can be customized for specific contacts using meta tags, or code to ensure that messages include certain information. For instance, your company can send automated text messages to clients that feature their name, property address, and current loan amount. This feature is incredibly advantageous for promoting refinancing options to clients or communicating easily with partners.

Text message marketing automation offers an incredibly powerful method for increasing your company’s overall efficiency and productivity. Because texting is ubiquitous, it provides the perfect communication channel to reach all your leads, partners, and clients in a direct and personalized fashion. The BNTouch Voice Module affords a range of sophisticated tools for delivering customized texts, images, and voice messages directly to your contacts’ phones.


Use BNTouch Voice to Optimize Your Mortgage Text Marketing


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