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by Aidan Paringer

During the month of March we did a promotion called “March Memeness”, in which we posted an brand new mortgage related meme to social media every business day of March. That totaled to about 21 memes and we saw some pretty fantastic results through this simple experiment. Here are the highlights…

You can check out all the mortgage memes from March here.

Quick Stats:

  • 160% Growth In Instagram Followers
  • 139% Growth In Twitter Reach
  • 150% Growth In Daily Organic Reach On Facebook
  • Increased Organic Website Traffic By 23%
  • 221% More Website Traffic From Instagram
  • 104% More Website Traffic From LinkedIn
  • 42% Increase In Website Leads From Social Media Traffic

It Was Fun

First off, it was fun. Scouring the internet for different meme formats and photos in order to craft and alter them for our specific industry wasn’t a bad way to spend few days at work. Not only did we have fun with this promotion but our audience did too. Throughout the month we had comment after comment saying things like “love this page!”, “keep it up” and “great content”. Creating memes specific to the pain points of a specific industry that only someone in that industry (or situation) would truly understand is a great way to connect with your audience. It really let’s them know that we as a business understand them and their daily plight, struggles, annoyances and successes.

Social Media Algorithms Love It

All social media platforms have one goal, keep people on the platform as long as possible. The algorithms they use to promote and show people content greatly favor content producers that post frequently and consistently. Around day 14 of our daily posting we noticed that we’d started getting around 20-50% more reach on each of our posts. They’d stay in peoples news feeds longer allowing people to comment and engage with the memes even more. The more engagement we got, the more the algorithms would know we were putting out good content and increase our exposure. Thus creating a positive ecosystem where we both give the other what they want, we give the platforms good content to keep their users on the platform and they put our content in front of more of their users. So come up with a posting strategy and stick to it… the algorithms are watching.

Our Social Stats Doubled

All social platforms are different and they give analytics in different ways. Though we had at least one critically important metric or count double on every social media platform we posting memes on during the month of march. On Instagram our follower count more than doubled as we went from 150 to 400 followers within the month. While that may not be super impressive from a sheer follower count standpoint that is a 160% growth in followers in a month. Our reach on Twitter more than doubled as well. We went from reaching 4,900 people in February to 10,300 in March. That is 139% growth in reach in a month. While on Facebook our daily organic reach (that is reach we paid no money for) more than doubled. Our daily organic reach jumped from 220 in the previous month to 550 in March. That is a growth of 150% in daily organic reach in a month.

It’s An SEO Goldmine

What sparked March Memeness in the first place was moths earlier when we created a collection of mortgage memes for our users and posted them as a blog post so our users could access them. Within the month that blog post was number one in Google’s search results for “mortgage meme” and “mortgage memes”. It has been the most trafficked landing page on our website since. Increasing our organic website traffic by 23% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the last quarter of 2018. Take advantage of this opportunity in your business, create industry or customer specific memes and put them into an article on your website. If you’re the first in your niche to do this you’ll easily hit #1 in the search results.

Yes, It Translated To Website Traffic

While we didn’t see a huge boost in website traffic from all of our social platforms. We did see huge boost in platforms that we didn’t use as much previously. Mainly Instagram and LinkedIn. From our website traffic from Instagram went up from 14 to 45 in March compared to the previous period. That is a 221% monthly growth in website traffic from Instagram. We also saw our monthly website traffic from LinkedIn rise from 23 to 47 during March as well. That is a 104% monthly growth in website traffic from LinkedIn. No matter how big or small your audience is these are growth and traffic statistics you can get excited about.
Website Traffic Growth From Social

We Got More Leads Too

That’s right this funnel kept flowing right on down to the bottom. In March our number of leads requested from social media went up from 19 to 27. That is a 42% increase in website leads from social media traffic. We saw a 46% increase in Facebook leads, and 5 leads come in from Instagram and LinkedIn compared to 0 from the month before.
mortgage meme lead growth

A lot of good came from this March Memeness experiment. Not only did we have fun doing it but we saw some momentous growth all the way down our lead funnel. Unfortunately we don’t have to resources (or brain power) to create a new mortgage meme every single day of the year but this promotion has gotten us to rethink our social strategy to be much more focused on consistency. The momentum we’ve generated from consistent posting and being picked up by the social algorithms is not something we plan on letting go of.

Oh and you can definitely be sure we’ll be doing a new batch of March Memeness come 2020.

You can check out all the mortgage memes from March here.


Aidan Paringer
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