Mortgage Marketing Tips To Help You Succeed In 2018

by Aidan P

We live in a digital age, and as the marketing landscape becomes more and more of a digital game we’ve compiled a few mortgage marketing tips to help you close more deals in 2018.

Mortgage Marketing Tips:

1. Get specific about your target

mortgage marketing tips
In 2018 it’s more important than ever to get laser focused about who you want to reach.

Trying to reach everyone who could possibly buy a house, is not a winning strategy and will end up losing you business to your competitors who are communicating with their specific niches.

Break down who you want to reach into specific audiences. If you want to connect with ten new realtors and one new builder to work with locally, you’ve got a much better chance of doing that. If you want to reach first time buyers or buyers with bad credit, creating targeted marketing campaigns to those exact demographics will greatly increase your chances of resonating and getting results within group.

If you can get very specific about targeting, who you want to work with and what you want to get out of it, it will help wash out some of the loud noises on social media and instantly connect with the smaller groups you want to reach.

2. Be where your buyers are

mortgage marketing tips
It won’t matter how good your marketing content is if it’s not being placed where potential borrowers are spending their time. In 2018 you should be growing your network with the following tools and platforms:

    • A personally branded website – What is the first thing someone does when they get your business card? They check out your website. How about when someone wants to research mortgage lenders in their area? They start by searching on google, and you don’t need to be the first result, your website needs to be there.
    • An active blog – Think of your website like fishing with a pole and your blog as fishing with a net. It allows you to cast a wider net and catch more fish at once. Every blog you post on your website is directly searchable on google. For example if you want to be found when someone searches “How do I get a mortgage with bad credit?”, you can write a blog post answering that question and greatly increases your chances of appearing in more google searches.
    • Email marketing – While this one may be a bit of a no-brainer email marketing is still a titan when it comes to converting leads and staying top of mind with past clients. If you already are running email marketing campaigns, the goal for 2018 is to create some automated campaigns using a CRM like BNTouch or email marketing tool like Mailchimp.
    • Facebook – 1.8 billion people use Facebook, your potential, current and past buyers are all on Facebook so you need to be too. The simplest way to stay productive on Facebook is to do two things. Create a simple content calendar and pay an outsourced social media manager to create the content each week. A basic content calendar would be Monday post a mortgage news article, Wednesday post your latest blog post and Friday post something more light hearted or funny. You should also look into running some simple Facebook ads that bring people back to your website.
    • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. This is where you are the most likely to connect with and develop business relationships with new realtors, CPAs, builders and bankers. A lot of realtors are on LinkedIn promoting their content, trying to get attention from buyers and sellers. Are you getting their attention? You can make a big impression by engaging with their content. Try something simple: “Hey, I saw your article, this is really interesting!” or, “Your house is beautiful, I shared it on my page”. Develop a relationship and play the long game here.

3. Content, content, content

mortgage marketing tips
Whether you like it or not content is king and it’s here to stay. In 2018 you need some semblance of a content strategy mixed in with whatever other marketing you are doing. Don’t fret, this does not have to be a complicated or time consuming process. You can achieve huge success from curating and re-posting other people’s content that you find interesting. We recommend that you create a piece of original content at least once a month so that you have a reason to bring people back to your website, but a healthy mix of curated and original stuff will bring you the most success without breaking the bank or taking too much time. You can hire a content writer from an outsource website like
Upwork or Freelancer.

4. Be consistent

mortgage marketing tips
Think of your marketing strategy like a workout routine. If you just show up at the gym with no plan you may spend 20 minutes working up a sweat and go home with no results. Practice makes perfect and your results will compound overtime as people begin to find you more and more online. If you sign on to LinkedIn and you have 42 new connection request but you haven’t posted anything, while you may have more followers they have no reason to connect with you or reach out. Create a weekly and monthly plan, don’t quit and you will see results, we promise.

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