Mortgage Marketing Examples & Companies Doing It The Right Way

by Aidan Paringer

Historically the mortgage industry has spent most of its marketing attention generating referrals from industry partners like Real Estate brokerages and builders. As times change, creative marketing has become the new necessity if you’re looking to stand out from the ever growing crowd. You can also check out our full article on how to get the most out of your mortgage marketing budget in 2020 here.

Differentiation requires diversification. Diversify your marketing strategy so you can stand out and reach the audiences that your brand can best serve.

Mortgage Companies With The Best Marketing Campaigns

Sometimes coming up with a strategy is as simple as looking at some brands that are doing it right. The truth is there are many mortgage companies that have expanded beyond the older traditional marketing strategies well known in the industry and are engaging their customers in new ways that educate and delight them. These are some of our favorites.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union is unique because it’s incredibly active on social media.  As of the writing of this article, they have over 80,000 followers on Twitter and over 1.1 million followers on Facebook. Even though the name of the company would lead you to believe that they specifically serve the Navy, they actually serve all branches of the U.S. Military.
Navy Fed Credit Union
Their social media strategy drives engagement. They frequently publish interactive videos, show support for all the military and veteran causes they are involved in and feature happy past clients that they’ve helped achieve the dream of home ownership, letting them tell their stories. 

Bank Of America

Bank Of America Twitter
Bank Of America has an amazing social media strategy on Twitter. They have devoted a lot of their marketing energy to spotlighting affordable community housing programs they are involved in throughout the Country. These are real people, doing real things in their communities, in part because of the financial and marketing support Bank of America is giving them.

Aside from an amazing Twitter presence, Bank of America is also very active on Instagram, with 123,000 followers and Facebook with 2.8 million followers.

SPECIAL NOTE: Another interesting strategy that Bank of America has employed is on it’s Instagram account. They actually use their account to promote local businesses to their followers.
BOA Instagram

Bond Street Mortgage

Bond street mortgage Facebook
Bond Street Mortgage is a mortgage company that is run by employees that are excellent leaders and communicators. Their social media properties lean towards a younger audience and hold a voice that is both friendly, inspirational and motivating. The messaging is also educational. Their Facebook Business Page gives great bits of educational homeowning advice and they also feature the loan brokers that work for them and the successes they’ve had with clients.

Bond Street has also taken an interesting approach to working with its Real Estate partners, featuring upcoming open houses on their Instagram profile.

Bond Street Mortgage Instagram
Overall, their strategy is one of education. They produce great Q&A video blogs and use their content to translate the mortgage process into terms that anyone can understand to feel more comfortable with the mortgage process and make smarter decisions.

Griffin Funding

Griffin Funding is a mortgage provider and technology firm that provides a disruptive approach to the real estate industry.

griffon funding marketing example
As mortgage companies and Real Estate agencies continue to try and catch up with emerging tech trends, Griffin remains ahead of the curve, developing their own technologies and acquiring innovative third party technology solutions that offer prospective homebuyers quality service, better rates, and broader financing options. Not surprisingly, their marketing techniques revolve around the same values.

Mortgage youtube video marketing
Griffin Mortgage has produced a catalog of
snackable videos that touch on common questions borrowers have and breaks them down in succinct, easy to follow explanations. Potential customers can easily and quickly absorb this content, helping Griffin more effectively establish themselves as thought leaders in their marketplace.

Diversify Your Mortgage Marketing Strategy Today To Reach More Of Your Ideal Clients

As you can see, there are many unique ways you can harness the power of content marketing and social media to provide value, demonstrate your differentiating factors and establish yourself as the thought leader in the minds of prospective clients in your marketplace. These companies have been successful doing this and you can too! 

What ideas do you have for your mortgage brokerage that will help you break the mold of traditional mortgage marketing, pushing you into the new creative sphere of mortgage marketing?

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