Mortgage Marketing Automation: Pre-Recorded Calls & Text Campaigns

by Aidan Paringer

Speed and automation are what separates the novices from the pros. If you want to grow your mortgage business to the maximum level possible, you have to be able to scale. Let’s examine some integration tactics, automation use cases and phone and sms automation platforms that can help you optimize your phone and SMS outreach campaigns and grow your mortgage brokerage.

Automate Your Text & Phone Marketing

Let’s take a look at some specific ways, you can use phone and sms automation platforms to give your brokerage’s campaigns a power boost.

Automate Your Follow-Up

People are programmed to ignore marketing messages, simply because of the sheer volume of messages, they come into contact with every day. Because of this, ongoing communication is key to the success of your mortgage marketing campaigns.

When an online lead comes in, for instance, you want your automation system to immediately try to connect someone on your team on the phone with that lead. If you are unsuccessful, you can use workflow schemes to then drop a ringless voicemail message in the lead’s voicemail box and then follow up with a text message alerting them that you just tried calling them to follow up on their inquiry. 

The truth though is that while that is a great start, you still will not be able to initially get in touch with many of your leads. This is where automation really becomes beneficial. Imagine using the workflow engine in your automation tools and adding in additional touch points? For instance, a second round of calls, ringless voicemails and SMS messages 2 hours after the initial batch followed up by daily phone calls, ringless voicemails and SMS messages for the next 4-6 days? The key to your campaign is to generate engagement. Even if someone replies, “stop contacting me”, that is okay. You don’t want to waste your time with people that are never going to do business with you. Lean on the long-term campaigns you set up in your automation platform to refine your database of leads highlighting those that are most likely to do business with you and disqualifying those that are not going to do business with you.

Automate Your Mass Communication

Mortgage brokerages are always innovating, adding services and bringing new loan products to the market. The question becomes how do you effectively and quickly alert all your prospects and past clients to these new things in an efficient way that will generate interest in the quickest amount of time possible?

With the myriad of marketing channels available, phone and SMS communication remain the most effective way to generate attention and get engagement. Rather than having your assistant sit at their desk and churn out call after call, text after text, all day long to make your new announcement, set up a broadcast campaign in your automation platform to do what would take your assistant a day or more in a matter of minutes.

For instance, if rates just dropped to historic loans and you want to reach out to everyone you’ve done a loan for that has to refinance soon, you can easily pull up that list of people in your automation platform and send them a pre-recorded message as a ringless voicemail drop, or a text message with a link to a landing page about the refinance program you are advertising. This is a quick, no-hassle approach to getting in front of everyone. You can then focus your team’s energies on personally communicating with only those that are most interested in the program you are offering, making your entire team exponentially more efficient.

Automate Your Lead Distribution Strategies

If you are part of a mortgage team, automation is a great way to ensure that leads are dispersed in the most efficient way possible. Using automated platforms allows you to assign leads by variables like geography, loan amount or even in “round-robin” fashion. 

Automated lead distribution will allow you to “work on” your mortgage team and “work in” it less, ensuring you don’t get bogged down with constantly having to open incoming leads and assign them to your team members. It also ensures that the leads are getting to your team right away, when they are at their peak potential of wanting to talk about their loan needs, making it easier for your team to take an interested party and turn them into a qualified lead you can nurture in your pipeline.

Even more, you can use your automation platform to track responses and set in stopgaps that can reassign leads if there is one that is being ignored. For instance, what if you have a lead that comes in and the person it was assigned to is juggling a bunch of active loans and busy handling other things? Without an automated way to notice and take care of this, you would most likely lose that lead. With automation, any lead that isn’t being followed up with in a timely manner can instantly be assigned to another team member, offsetting the possibility of the lead going cold and increasing the odds they end up moving into your pipeline as a qualified lead.

Top Phone & SMS Automation Platforms

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite phone and SMS automation platforms that have done a great job of incorporating all these best practices and features we’ve discussed today.

True Dialog

True Dialog Mortgage Marketing Automation
True Dialog Their
platform also includes a voice suite. This full suite of calling APIs allows you to easily deploy click-to-call, conference calls, recorded audio, and call forwarding. Ensuring that you are able to communicate seamlessly at any time with your prospects and past clients in the channels that are most convenient for them.

This platform is best for your campaign if you want to:

  • Automate you SMS and phone campaigns with a robust scheduling tool
  • Deploy easy to use click to call and mass voicemail campaigns
  • Create a “contact center” your loan agents can be a part of for lead assignment


Go4Clients Mortgage Marketing Automation
Go4Clients is an all-inclusive platform that allows you to
build automated flows in minutes using an intuitive drag and drop interface and incorporating every communication channel your customers use and love.

This platform is best for your campaign if you want to:

  • Automate connection with leads via their click2call functionality.
  • Easily schedule mass SMS and voice campaigns with the web-based campaign planner.
  • Have a robust lead assignment tool that automatically distributes leads across your brokerage


BNTouch Mortgage Marketing Automation
If you are looking to amplify your marketing automation with SMS messaging and phone calls, BNTouch’s CRM platform has just what you need to grow your mortgage business. Their platform allows you to easily Setup & Send targeted emails and text messages without lifting a finger. The BNTouch Voice add-on gives you a telephone automation powerhouse.

This platform is best for your campaign if you want to:

  • Automate you SMS and phone campaigns with a robust scheduling tool
  • Deploy easy to use click to call and mass voicemail campaigns
  • Use automated lead assignment to maximize the number of people added to your pipeline
  • Connect with a CRM platform to perform complex automated follow up campaigns

Use Phone And Automation Platforms To Scale Your Mortgage Business

The key to being able to grow your mortgage business is to scale your marketing efforts. The more efficiently you handle your incoming leads and the better you are at keeping in touch with your past clients, the more you will grow. Phone and SMS automation platforms are a valuable tool that will allow you to scale your brokerage methodically, ensuring that you are giving the best service possible to every client you work with, ensuring that you are growing for years to come.

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