“Listed Properties” Watch Alerts

by Crystal Minter

Listed Properties Watch Alerts is a big data module that monitors the MLS market nightly and sends you alerts on property listing statuses. 

If your borrower lists a property for sale, you receive an alert! 

You don’t have to do anything, just watch for alert emails. If you want to review alerts, they’re  available in your CRM under Dashboard > Alerts. Here you can

  • View property listings by their individual statuses (All, Active, Inactive, Dismissed)
  • Search properties by address and alert date range
  • Add an agent as a partner
  • Add property listings to your tracker

With “Listed Properties” Watch Alerts, you can perform intense re-connect marketing with borrowers who have just listed their properties, including automated email, call, and text campaigns. No longer will you have to manually sift through individual property sites — this important information is delivered right to your inbox and CRM! 


Here’s an example of an email alert you receive once  borrowers have listed their properties for sale. A Borrower Record in CRM button is conveniently located under each alert so that you can access the specific record in your CRM:

NOTE: “Listing Properties” Watch Alerts currently matches properties by mailing address. Property addresses will soon be included in these alerts.

Viewing Alerts on Your CRM Dashboard

To view alerts. log into the CRM and select the Dashboard tab > Alerts tab. Property listings are located in tabs according to their individual statuses: All, Active, Inactive, and Dismissed. NOTE: Users can dismiss alerts.

Adding property listings to your tracker helps you stay organized and move swiftly to the next critical step of reconnecting with borrower(s) in a timely manner.

Active Tab

The Active tab lists alerts with ‘Active’, ‘Pending’, and ‘Contingent’ statuses.

Inactive Tab

Alerts with ‘Sold’ or ‘Fail’ statuses are placed in the Inactive tab after the update.

Searching Alerts by Address and Date

The search bar at the top of the page allows you to find specific property listings using a Street Address and Alert Date range.

Adding an Agent as a Partner

You can add an Agent as a Partner by selecting the ‘user-plus’ icon:

  • Click the ‘user-plus’ icon.
  • Once the Quick Add Partner dialog box renders, enter information into the required fields.
  • Select the Add button.

Since “Listed Properties” Watch Alerts is in its initial stages of release, we plan to launch additional features in Q1 of 2021, such as inclusion in the mobile app.

Use “Listed Properties” Watch Alerts Today!


Crystal Minter
For over 20 years, Crystal Minter has been a noteworthy leader in the high-tech space. You may know her as the Marketing Program Manager at Artech LLC, working for the one of the world's largest chip makers in Hillsboro, Oregon. Crystal can also be credited with contributions to Minter Consulting Group, Jeppesen - A Boeing Company, and Willamette Dental. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and currently resides in Beaverton, Oregon.
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