Leveraging New Technologies for Mortgage Professionals to Gain a Competitive Advantage

by Tomi Pironti

New technologies are impacting businesses in virtually every category, including the mortgage industry. By leveraging the latest technologies, mortgage professionals can gain a decisive edge over their competitors. 

However, some loan officers may be hesitant to break away from tradition so that they can take on a new approach to mortgage processing. You may even have a few reservations yourself when it comes to adopting new trends in technology.

Once you see how these new technologies can benefit your business, though, you’ll likely be eager to make the switch.

How Can New Tech Give My Business an Edge?

Think about all of the time you waste distributing leads or processing documents manually. Wouldn’t your skills be better suited to more productive endeavors? 

That’s why your business needs to leverage the latest mortgage technologies. By incorporating modern tech tools and CRM software, you can:

Reduce Costs and Maximize Profits

Automating various processes such as lead distribution or document processing can save a ton of time. In turn, this reduces your total operating costs. You’ll no longer have to designate employees to handle menial tasks. Instead, your staff teams can focus their energies on providing an exceptional customer experience.

Having the latest CRM software will also help you to maximize profits. You can reduce processing times and serve more customers. Greater earnings mean that you will have additional funds for advertising. This will allow you to overshadow the competition with strategic marketing practices.

Integrate Seamlessly

Top-tier CRM software integrates seamlessly with existing applications. This means that you can combine it with your existing lead provider and automate tedious processes. Your new software should be able to distribute leads and give you valuable feedback about team member performance.

Many kinds of CRM software also include convenient mobile apps. Staff and clients can use these apps to stay connected and to submit any required information. All parties will be able to stay in the loop from application to closing day.

Eliminate Paper Processing

By digitizing the mortgage processing experience, you can eliminate the need for almost all paper documents. No more stacks of client folders on desks or rooms full of filing cabinets! Instead, you can access all applications from your computer or mobile device.

Guarantee Accuracy of Data

Manually entering client data onto a 1003 form and other documents is time-consuming. Even worse, it leaves the door open for errors. This can cause a client’s application to be rejected, which can delay the mortgage process.

With the latest tech tools at your disposal, your team can automatically import client data. This saves time and guarantees accuracy for all essential documents. You can avoid costly delays and keep your clients on track for their projected closing dates.

Solutions from BNTouch

If you are ready to make the leap and modernize your business model, BNTouch can help. We provide clients with the latest software and tech tools so that they can streamline mortgage processing.

We are confident in our products and want you to have the chance to see them in action. If you are still not convinced, consider booking a free demo. Once you have interacted with our software, you will be hooked. Contact us today to learn more!

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