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by Marketing Team

Analytics has become a big deal nowadays, especially when you think of digital marketing tools. Every step your audience takes within your product should and, let’s be honest, must be tracked.

As a mortgage professional you have several channels to receive your leads, from lead providers and social media, to websites and referrals, etc. Let’s take a closer look at some very simple things you can track with BNTouch solutions.

Marketing Analytics Tools

First things first, you need some analytics tools to start with. We would recommend you to check Google products. Try Google Analytics to measure your website visitors’ behavior. You can check your live stats and track your progress as well.

Google trends is another great tool to check what’s hot on your market. You can learn about overall trends, or search for some specific topics, like “mortgage,” for example. Any link you use on the web should be tracked. The easiest way to do it is to set UTM parameters for your link by using Google’s Campaign URL Builder. It will help you track traffic data on your Google Analytics dashboard.

It is a great idea to start your work day by checking your main analytics tools while having your morning coffee. The main key here is to track your numbers progress, so you can see how your business is doing.

Social Media

It is great if you are active on your social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. There is plenty of room to talk about yourself as a trusted mortgage professional and grow your followers and clients base. For example, you can share your opinion on the latest mortgage industry news, case studies, etc., or even start your own mortgage blog…why not?

Normally social media gives you basic stats on each post, such as the number of views and interactions. To track in more detail you can use any popular link shortener, such as or others, so you can see the number of clicks for links you share.

Website Statistics

For your website, you are able to track sessions, users, pageviews, pages/session, average session duration, as well as new sessions percent and bounce rate percent. These are your site’s health metrics. The most common tool to check these parameters is Google Analytics.

If you use BNTouch CRM, feel free to find it under the Marketing >> Website tab. If your site is relevant, interesting and contains the information your clients/partners need, you will see all these numbers growing, except the bounce rate, which tells you how many users left your site after visiting just one page. It’s time to start improving your site if your bounce rate is higher than 40 percent.

Leads Generation

Lead conversions is a very important tool for a mortgage professional to stick to. You can check your most effective channels for driving leads, such as email blasts, websites, demo calls and referral promos. As soon as you know your lead generation “heroes,” try to turn off non-effective channels and replace them with some new experiments.

For BNTouch users we have a dashboard showing new leads and new prospects, as well as days in a lead and closed deals. It is also possible to compare this month’s numbers to last month’s to track your success. As soon as you know your general numbers for leads, you can go deeper and check out the Reports tab.


Referral marketing is one of the oldest and the most effective marketing strategies. Time has proven that word-of-mouth is one of the most trusted promo channels for your business. So, Real Estate agents, builders, attorneys and other partners are your best friends for growing your business. The easiest way to have them spread a good word about you is just…to ask them to! You can do it by email and/or in person. People really love to share their experience with others.

Another piece of great advice on creating more buzz about your business is to have another site recommend you, or simply mention you. They can use a tracking link to your web portal, so you can see it on your analytics tool as well.

By tracking each referral channel you can define your best partners. In general, using personalized tracking links works best for this task. BNTouch has a great tool under Reports >> Participants Report to make it even easier.

Getting Some Feedback

Analyzing your business is not just about tracking each promo channel. It is also a good idea to ask about your partners’ and clients’ feedback on a regular basis. Yes, it may sound a little bit terrifying because of the critics you can get, but people love when you ask about their opinion.

Don’t be afraid to hear their voice; it will help to make your business even more effective. Creating surveys and polls is a good way to measure your partners’ happiness. By the way, BNTouch is cooking up a new survey/poll for you right now!

Tracking your digital communications is essential and can give you lots of benefits, but don’t get caught up by numbers, it is just a tool to measure your progress. And feel free to ask us any questions about your BNTouch CRM analytics tools.

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