How Artificial Intelligence Has Revolutionized the Mortgage Industry

by Tomi Pironti

Of all the technologies that have changed the mortgage industry in recent years, AI has by far made the biggest impact. Artificial intelligence is allowing loan officers to go far beyond basic automation. In fact, it is revolutionizing every aspect of the mortgage processing experience.

If you want to meet the demands of the modern consumer, then AI must be a part of your loan processing strategy. 

Below, our experts outline the ways that AI has benefitted the mortgage industry. We will also show you how you can incorporate artificial intelligence into your firm.

Impact of AI on the Mortgage Industry

For the mortgage industry, AI algorithms were created to make decisions using consumer data. These algorithms can have a positive impact on every part of the mortgage processing experience. 

By bringing AI into mortgage processing, companies can take advantage of a number of benefits, which we’ll explore below.

Go Paperless

Processing mortgages with paper documents can be problematic. Paper is expensive to buy, and store. Worst of all, key documents can get lost in the shuffle. This can diminish the client experience and affect your ability to process mortgages efficiently.

Federal law has allowed electronic document processing for over 20 years. Unfortunately, at the time that many of these regulations were introduced, technology was lagging behind. Requirements could vary drastically based on the type of loan product and jurisdiction you were in. In many cases, this left mortgage teams stuck having to manually manage compliance issues.

Thanks to AI, going paperless is now easier than ever before. Intelligent documents can provide cues to each of the parties as they sign documents electronically. These tech tools can even automate compliance rules so that your team knows which kinds of paperwork must have a “wet” signature.

Ensure Data Accuracy

AI and other modern tech tools have also been instrumental in optimizing operational efficiency. Using artificial intelligence software, you can give a client the correct loan documents that are necessary for their file with the click of a button. AI tools can even check to make sure that client data is accurate. It can also allow your team to import information directly from financial institutions.

Best of all, you no longer need to enter in a ton of data manually. AI can improve your ability to process a high volume of mortgages. Customers won’t have to wait for weeks to get an update on their application, only to find out that a document was rejected due to an error.

Tailor the Consumer Experience

Modern consumers expect instant gratification and easy access to data. By leveraging AI, mortgage brokers can exceed this expectation and create a great user experience.

For instance, loan officers can incorporate automated chatbots into their websites. These programs will carry on conversations with curious consumers. They can provide potential clients with information about various products and services. 

The goal of AI chatbots is to draw consumers deeper into the sales funnel and satisfy their need for immediate feedback.

Leveraging AI with BNTouch

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