How Mortgage Loan Officers Can Harness the Power of Social Media

by Crystal Minter

No matter the type of business, social media posting and engagement have become necessary parts of building a brand, cultivating professional networks, and earning the trust of customers and clients. This is just as true for loan officers and mortgage brokers as it is for other small businesses.

If you are a mortgage broker or a loan officer, an intelligent approach to the opportunities offered by social media platforms can help you to develop a strong and appealing brand, grow an effective professional network, and increase the number of new clients and referrals available to you.

Let’s look at several tools, approaches, and areas that are vital to understand in order to effectively harness the power of social media in sustaining and growing your business.

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

One of the many upsides of social media engagement is that you don’t have to wait for potential clients to seek out specific keywords in order to drive traffic to your company’s website. Traditional search engine optimization (SEO) functions to ensure that your company’s site ranks highly among the keyword searches that are most likely to result in engagement and conversions.

Having an effective social media strategy can supplement your company’s traditional SEO practices by reaching consumers on the platforms they already use. For example, a Facebook post, photo, or video has the potential to be shared publicly by a current client who is happy with their experience and thereby reach new contacts, who would not have otherwise actively searched for mortgage-related keywords.

Be sure that all of your social media posts include clear and easy to follow calls-to-action (CTA’s) for those who see them. It is important for your CTA’s to be as simple and well-defined as possible, so that prospective clients and contacts are more likely to visit your website and engage with your company.

Emphasize Your Values and Brand

Social media profiles permit you to craft a unique user experience for contacts and potential clients. Doing so allows them to get to know you and your values before deciding to contact you directly. The most successful professional networking is driven by authentic human relationships and shaping your social media presence in ways that accurately portray your approach to business. Doing this will go a long way toward earning the interest of new contacts and the trust of new clients.

Think outside the box in order to humanize yourself and your brand on social media. For instance, offer posts that highlight specific LO’s, produce short testimonial videos from satisfied clients, or talk about the ways that your company has been involved in the local community.

Recruit New Team Members and LO’s

If your business is in a position to seek out new team members or loan officers, social media affords many important tools to help grow your company. Employment-focused social media platforms like LinkedIn provide jobs boards that can be useful in seeking, filtering, and recruiting qualified talent.

However, even platforms that are primarily intended to be client-facing (like Instagram and Facebook) can be useful when you are seeking qualified employees. For instance, showcasing your expansive client base or welcoming workplace culture can help to entice desirable candidates to apply for open positions within your company.

Broader Local Engagement

Whether your business is operating out of a major metropolitan center or is based in a rural area, social media platforms are an effective way for your company to meaningfully engage with the broader local community. Your business should always seek to curate your posts to a local audience in order to drive website traffic and engagement, as discussed above.

However, platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram also provide your business with the tools to converse with local contacts and clients in order to increase awareness of your company, develop a personalized brand identity, and network by developing actual relationships at the local level.

Facebook, specifically, is home to many community groups that are useful for making your presence as well as your services more widely known.

Encourage Client Reviews 

For many prospective homebuyers, it is crucial to know the quality of other clients’ experiences to avoid negative outcomes, as well as to find the mortgage broker that is the best fit for them. Buying a home is an enormous decision and consumers want to know that a broker has a track record of earning the trust of their clients.

Social media business profiles often include an area for client reviews. Highlight the most impressive reviews by reposting them in order to drive traffic and engagement with your social media profiles, and ultimately, with your business.

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