Get the Pulse on the MLS Market for Your Mortgage Business

by Crystal Minter

Mortgage professionals who hope to gain a competitive advantage need to be aware of all developments in their local property market. When one of your contacts is shopping around, you want them to know that you have access to the most up-to-date information. Similarly, you want to know immediately if one of your borrowers lists a property.

The BNTouch mortgage growth platform now includes the “Listing Properties” Watch Alerts feature to help you stay abreast of the local property market. This feature gives you immediate access to property listing intelligence through the multiple listing service.

You can use this information to add listing agents as new partners, share links with your current partners, and inform clients of new opportunities. Below, we will discuss a few of the most exciting features of this MLS tool.

How the MLS Listing Properties Watch Alerts Feature Works

The BNTouch Mortgage CRM now provides you with the ability to receive automatic listed property watch alerts. The Listing Property Watch Alerts module automatically monitors the MLS market each night and sends you email updates about relevant property status updates each morning at 7a.m. EST.

Loan officers who are subscribed to BNTouch can check their updates by logging into their CRM, clicking on the Dashboard tab and selecting the Alerts subtabFrom here, you can arrange relevant property listings in terms of their individual statuses–All, Active, Inactive, or Dismissed. While the module is set to show you active properties by default, listings with other statuses may be useful for record keeping or other business functions.

The Alerts subtab also allows you to search property listings by address or alert date range. Email alerts that you receive will include listing information about specific properties, including how long it has been on the market and the newest price for each property listing. This information is also available in your CRM.

With the Listing Properties Watch Alerts, you can quickly and easily add agents from relevant property listings as new partners in your CRM. In many cases, information about agents will already be present.

Agents will often have phone numbers, email addresses, and websites available in their contact information. This allows you to conveniently initiate business relationships with new partners and provide more opportunities for your clients.

Ways to Use the Listing Properties Watch Alerts Module

The information that is available to you through this exciting new BNTouch module can be used in many ways to increase your network and grow your business. For instance, you can easily initiate reconnect marketing with any borrowers who have listed a property. Emails, calls, and texts can be automated through BNTouch. This can reconnect you with borrowers without the time cost of searching for clients who have recently listed properties and contacting them all individually.

As we mentioned above, mortgage officers can add agents as new partners directly from property listings. This useful function can be accomplished with just a few clicks, saving you the time of collecting contact information manually.

With the BNTouch Listing Properties Watch Alerts module, you will no longer need to sift through multiple property listing sites to find new contacts and opportunities. This fantastic new module is available to all current and new BNTouch subscribers. For more information about this module, view this informative video.


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