Finding Untapped Mortgage Markets: Reaching New Borrowers with Innovative Tech Tools

by Tomi Pironti

Modern technology is rapidly changing the landscape of businesses everywhere. This includes the mortgage industry. As a mortgage broker, keeping up means that you must leverage these new technologies to find untapped mortgage markets. When it comes to accomplishing that goal, you will not find a better CRM software partner than BNTouch.

We provide innovative tech tools that are streamlining the customer relationship management process. By implementing our software into your firm, you and your fellow loan officers will be able to improve customer satisfaction. Not only that, but your team will also be able to communicate easier and connect from anywhere.

Finding Untapped Mortgage Markets:  Reaching New Borrowers with Innovative Tech Tools,

Mobile Apps for Mortgage Brokers

Of all of our various tech tools, our mobile app is one of the most innovative for loan officers. At BNTouch, we understand that realtors and mortgage brokers are frequently on the go. The hustle and bustle of the mortgage business means that you won’t always have time to stop and crack open your laptop.

Fortunately, loan officers that partner with BNTouch won’t have to! Our mobile app allows you to conveniently access our CRM software from your smart device. You can check the status of a loan, review documents, and even communicate with clients.

As if that were not enough, you can also set custom alerts and push notifications. The mobile app is capable of sending automated birthday reminders for past clients. It can notify you when a document has been uploaded and send alerts to buyers when you request new files.

By relying on our mobile app, you can reduce the frequency of emails and text messages. Our app also means that you won’t get stuck playing phone tag with realtors or buyers. They can quickly open the app and see the most recent updates on the loan or review any forms that you have uploaded.

One-Touch Social Media Posts

As a mortgage broker, one of the most important things you can do to generate leads is to leverage social media. You should maintain a very active account on all of the most popular platforms.

However, managing multiple clients and a team of loan officers can leave you with little time for social media posting. That is why BNTouch incorporated a feature for “one-touch” social media posts into our software. You can encourage client engagement and advertise your services in just a few seconds.

Social media posting is not just good for generating new leads; it is also vital if you want to stay connected with past clients. Doing so may encourage them to partner with you for their refinancing needs in the future (or to refer business your way!).

All of this starts with a good social media presence, which is made easier by our software.

Finding Untapped Mortgage Markets:  Reaching New Borrowers with Innovative Tech Tools,

Benefits of Our Software

You won’t find a better CRM software when it comes to creating and maintaining a social media presence. With that said, the benefits don’t stop there. We created our tech tools to address the unique needs of mortgage brokers. Additional features of our software include:

A Digital Loan Platform

Are you still handling loans the old-fashioned way? Are you tired of having your clients fax you important documents? If so, then you will love our digital loan platform. This feature is standard with every package option and will totally change the way you process mortgages.

You can simplify the borrower experience, allowing buyers to electronically upload documents and review existing files. They will receive automated in-processing updates via text message. This allows your loan officers to focus on the task at hand, while also keeping your buyers in the loop.

Your buyers will have an option to download the free app and can enable push notifications. Anytime something new happens in their file, they will receive an automated update. They will also be able to use their unique customer identification information to access borrower portals.

You can even send and receive messages to your client in-app. This will cut down on tedious transitions between various communication mediums like email and text. It will also reduce the chances that your team will overlook a vital message from a prospective client or borrower.

The BNTouch digital loan platform can improve every aspect of the client experience.

Collaborate with Loan Officers and Realtors

As you know, being able to collaborate with your team is essential if you want to meet deadlines and give your buyers a stress-free experience. However, the average mortgage broker is typically juggling a high volume of clients. This can make sharing information a challenge.

When you incorporate BNTouch software, interacting with your team will be a breeze. Your loan officers, assistants, real estate agents, and processors can all access active files remotely with our software. They can do so from our desktop program or the mobile app, which provides even more convenience.

Any authorized user will be able to share notes, view progress, and obtain status reports. Thanks to the flexibility of our software, multiple staff members can even carry out tasks simultaneously on the same file.

Handles Lead Distribution

Running a mortgage firm is no easy task. You likely spend dozens of hours simply receiving and distributing leads to your team. Imagine how much more productive you could be if you had a program to oversee lead distribution. BNTouch’s software does just that.

Our program will receive leads and automatically distribute them to your team. It will even track their performance (but more on that in a bit). Our software is already integrated with most lead sources.

If you use a more obscure or proprietary software, our flexible program can integrate with that, too. This means that you can seamlessly transition to BNTouch software without ditching your existing lead-generating programs.

Analyze Leads and Team Performance

If you want to continue to grow your business, then you will need to collect and analyze data on team performance, lead conversion rates, and other statistics about your day-to-day operations. However, collecting this information by yourself can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, especially if you are not experienced in data analysis.

BNTouch CRM software does all of this automatically. It breaks down performance data into easy-to-read tables and charts. The information is converted into a usable format so that you can apply it to your business model and improve efficiency.

Finding Untapped Mortgage Markets:  Reaching New Borrowers with Innovative Tech Tools,

Connect From Anywhere

Earlier, we discussed the difficulty of getting multiple team members together to collaborate on a project. While this is a serious challenge faced by mortgage teams everywhere, it is only part of the problem.

Sometimes, simply connecting your leads with a team member can be a tough task. That is why we designed our CRM software to integrate with your devices and existing apps. The flexibility of our programming allows you and your team to connect from anywhere.

Our mobile app for teams can facilitate streamlined communication. You can connect your buyers, real estate agents, and other partners with a variety of mediums, including:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • Social media
  • Messenger apps
  • Push notifications
  • Campaigns

You never know what the latest trend will be when it comes to digital communication. However, implementing our CRM software will ensure that you are prepared for the next big thing. You will be able to seamlessly connect various team members and convert leads to sales. This will help eliminate lost clients due to delayed responses, while also improving the customer experience.

Optimize Your Online Presence

As a mortgage broker, you should make frequent use of social media platforms. This affordable form of advertising is by far one of the best ways to generate leads and engage with clients. You can use engaging posts and imagery to build your brand and create interest in your company.

Our one-touch social media post capabilities are a great way of optimizing your online presence. Remember, staying active on your social media accounts will also influence the built-in algorithms. This can help you to remain at the top of news feeds and gain additional daily views.

When a good social media presence is paired with other outreach activities, you can create long-lasting relationships with customers.

Our Service Options

We offer several package options to meet the needs of any mortgage office. Our software for individual loan officers includes the following:

  • Mortgage lead marketing platform
  • Digital loan platform
  • Post-funding follow-up platform
  • Content database
  • Birthday alerts and refinance notifications

Our team package includes all of this and more, like collaboration features and communication platforms. We also offer an enterprise service option for large, multisite mortgage brokerage firms.

BNTouch: The Must-Have Software for the Modern Mortgage Broker

At BNTouch, we understand that seeing is believing when it comes to innovative software. While we love to educate prospective clients on the amazing capabilities of our CRM tools, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. That is why we offer free demos.

Once you experience our software firsthand, you will never be able to live without it.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and take your mortgage firm to new heights!


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