Helpful Tips for Lenders Switching to a Digital Mortgage Process

by Tomi Pironti

Is your lending practice going digital? A digital mortgage process can make you more agile and efficient. But it’s also important to consider all the moving pieces when you make the switch. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when switching to a digital process: 

Choose the Right Platform

For starters, make sure you choose the right platform. There are many different customer relationship management (CRM) tools available. They are not all created equal. 

Take your time to consider the features of a digital system and how these features align with your business goals. It might be helpful to start with a list of your key business processes. Then, you can match this list to the platforms on the market. 

But don’t stop there. Consider where you want your lending process to be in, say, five years. Then, choose a provider that can get you there by offering marketing tools and advanced reporting features.  

Stay Focused on Your Relationships

A CRM platform or other software system might seem like a magic bullet. But in business, people always make a difference. Your digital system should therefore supplement your client relationships. 

For instance, you can use automated communication tools to send updates to your clients. But you can also use the communication portal to offer personalized guidance that your clients are sure to appreciate.     

Make Time for Content Creation

Switching to a digital mortgage process will also open new doors regarding marketing. The best software platforms will include options to help you make custom videos or other forms of web content. These templates are helpful but you will still need time and input to craft material that reflects your business.     

Delegate Wisely

When you implement a new system, you may discover that you have more features than you can manage on your own. Lending companies can delegate certain roles and responsibilities to ensure efficiency throughout the workforce. 

For example, consider appointing someone to be in charge of marketing content. Another worker might be in charge of conducting customer surveys. The point is to use your new platform’s features so your business can reach its full potential.   

Let Your People Adjust

Change always takes time. While today’s digital systems are more intuitive than ever, some of your staff members may need time to switch to a digital mortgage process. 

This transition may also mean offering training to bring everyone up to speed on the features of your program and how to use them as part of the customer journey. You might even highlight success stories, showing the benefits of relying on this new system. 

Make the Switch

With the right platform, it’s easier than ever to go digital. BNTouch offers an all-in-one CRM platform. You can use our tools for marketing your company and monitoring your core processes. To see these features in action, request a demo today.

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