How Loan Officers Can Create Engaging Social Media Content

by Crystal Minter

Having a social media presence is essential in any type of modern business. Marketing for a mortgage loan company or as a single LO is no different. However, while almost everyone understands that social media engagement is necessary, many lending businesses and mortgage brokers fail to use the tools of social media effectively.

In the best-case scenario, using social media ineffectively is a waste of time and effort. However, having a fumbling and unappealing presence online can work to actively undermine consumer confidence in you or your lending company.

A well-designed and effective social media presence can ensure that current clients and prospective homebuyers perceive you as an expert LO and view your company as highly reputable, so knowing how to create engaging social media content is fundamental.

Let’s explore some of the best practices for creating successful content for your lending business.

Keep it Professional

Because it’s known as “social” media, some LO’s tend to conflate what is appropriate to post on their mortgage-related profiles with what is appropriate for a personal account. You should always and only post images, text, or videos that are professional.

Posting overly personal content is counterproductive for multiple reasons:

  • Personal Content Is Ineffective – The less serious of the two problems with posting this type of content is that personal posts are simply ineffective. While it might display your personality to post a picture of you at your favorite brunch spot, how will that post convert into high-quality loan prospects? It won’t.
  • Personal Content Can Be Damaging – Beyond being just ineffective, overly personal content has the potential to make you appear frivolous and unprofessional, which can actually drive prospective business opportunities away.

So, always make sure that your social media content is professional and relevant to your business goals.

Make Your Content Personal in the Right Ways

Ensuring that your social media content is professional and relevant may sound like a recipe for incredibly boring posts, but this is a misunderstanding. Just because posts should not be overly personal doesn’t mean that your social media content can’t highlight who you are and what you care about.

In fact, your professional social media content should highlight what makes you unique! Effective brand building on social media involves humanizing yourself and your company to prospective homebuyers.

One excellent way to humanize yourself in a professional manner is to occasionally publish images or videos that showcase a day-in-the-life or behind-the-scenes look at being a mortgage broker. Posts like these can help your potential clients to put a face and personality to your online brand and business.

Choose Your Platforms Wisely

Today, there are so many social media platforms that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Because of the plethora of different social media apps and sites, it is important to know which of the available platforms are worth the time it will take to develop a robust presence for your company.

Attempting to build a strong presence on too many sites (or the wrong sites) will result in a diluted presence on each platform, making your online marketing less effective. When considering a given social media site or app, determine whether regular users of that platform are likely to consist of prospective homebuyers.

For instance, having a mortgage related TikTok account may not be a great investment of your time because their users are predominantly on the younger side.

Clear and Simple Calls to Action

Ultimately, your social media content is not designed to result only in likes, shares, or follows. Rather, all of your content should be created with the goals of increasing user engagement, growing the number of quality mortgage leads, and securing new clients.

To accomplish these goals, include a clear and easy-to-follow call to action (CTA) on each of your company’s social media posts. The format will be different depending on the platform: for instance, Instagram does not allow direct links in post captions. But, when someone views your mortgage related post and is interested, that post should offer them unmistakable directions for how to engage further.

Effective CTAs may take many different forms, including linking directly to your company’s website or listing a business phone number. Regardless of the particular form of the CTA, it should be aimed at collecting users’ contact information and securing an additional mortgage lead.

Utilizing the tools provided by social media platforms in the right ways can help you to effectively project your professional brand, increase your high-quality mortgage leads, and secure new clients.

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