Target the Right Audience: Analyzing Mortgage Customer Behavior

by Chris Brown

Sometimes, it’s not the number of your leads but the quality.

Quality leads allow you to invest your energies where they’ll yield the greatest return. But identifying customer leads requires you to understand mortgage customer behavior. Here are some tips that can help you target the right audience.

The Digital Revolution

It’s hardly a secret that today’s borrowers are looking for digital lending solutions. Mortgage customers will likely examine your website long before they appear in your mortgage pipeline. 

Mortgage lenders must have a clean, modern website. This digital hub must look good on every device, especially since borrowers often shop on their phones. The same goes for your social media page — keeping it fresh and up-to-date will help you connect with future clients.

A mortgage CRM can help with this. Modern platforms offer templates that you can use to get your website up and to run. It can also help you create a layout that’s easy to navigate and leads to more conversions.

The Need for Guidance

First-time borrowers are especially hungry for information. You can reach these customers by generating content that speaks to their needs.

Consider “Tips for First-Time Buyers” or “How a Mortgage Works.” Blog posts and videos can help you educate prospective buyers. They can also help you generate leads with a clear call to action.

Go a step further by introducing automated chat features on your website. Artificial intelligence (AI) mimics human interactions, giving borrowers real-time responses to their mortgage questions. The chat window will also capture new leads in the process.

Online Experiences

The digital revolution doesn’t just mean customers are looking for a polished website. Mortgage customers are searching for online portals that allow them to manage their accounts.

They can access their accounts and organize their most important documents. Such a setup also helps you keep track of customer communication and ensures you never miss a client email.

Again, a mortgage CRM can help you keep up with this mortgage customer behavior. The right platform offers an online portal that enables you to streamline the lending process. That’s something that both you and your clients can enjoy.

Speed, Speed, and More Speed

Borrowers quickly grow frustrated by a slow lending process. Many borrowers expect to close on their loan in as little as a few days. In reality, loans can take as long as 30 days to finalize.

The underwriting process is lengthy, but there are things you can do to streamline the customer experience.

For example, online options such as e-signatures allow borrowers to fill out primary forms without visiting their mortgage office. As a result, the process keeps moving, and borrowers can experience a smoother turnaround.

Manage Mortgage Customer Behavior

The right tools can help you keep up with your mortgage customers. A customer relationship management (CRM) system can improve every aspect of your lending practice.

Connect with clients using the BNTouch platform. Our mortgage CRM helps you create digital content and market your business. To see these features in action, contact us for a demo.

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