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Borrowers  Portals & Apps

Borrowers Portals
    and Apps

The Loan Portal is an integrated place where each borrower can view status information, submit feedback or view latest information about their transaction.

We, at BNTouch Mortgage CRM work hard to provide the best marketing and communication tools for Mortgage Professionals. One of our unique communication web tools is the Loan Portal for borrowers. The Loan Portal that comes with your CRM system provides a personalized space for each borrower to view the latest information about their loan process. It saves time for BNTouch subscribers by cutting the number of phone calls they need to make each day.

Desktop, Mobile and App Access

Borrowers will stay in touch with you no matter which device they use. Apps allow instant push notifications to be sent right to the borrower’s phone

Loan Status

Client will be able to see the status of their loan process with your comments on it

Zillow Property Information

Client can view Zillow based up-to-date property information from inside the Portal. Property information includes the estimated home value, averages in their area and more

Feedback Monitor

Client can leave a message that goes straight into your CRM and attaches to the client’s record. Submitted feedback also becomes available to the client inside the Portal.

Shared Log Records with Notifications

Client will be able to see your shared log records (tracker items). When you create a shared log record, the system can automatically send notification to the client about new information on their Loan Portal

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