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Realtor marketing

Realtor Marketing

With BNTouch Mortgage CRM, you can extend the value of our automated marketing engine and planning system to your referral partners and industry peers with initiatives such as co-branded marketing campaigns, loan officer recruiting / retention, and marketing to other real estate / service professionals.

Partner Marketing

Attract and retain referral partners with the BNTouch partner marketing campaigns. These campaigns will keep each of your loan officers in front of their referral network by providing them with valuable tips for marketing, business building, and using new technologies to compete with. These well crafted marketing pieces can be automatically sent by the marketing engine, and will make your Loan Officers stand out as experts in their field.

Co-branded Marketing

BNTouch CRM can market on behalf of your Real Estate agents and Referral Partners with our co-branded marketing campaigns. These marketing emails will be sent to new leads automatically and will contain the photograph and contact information for each partner. BNTouch users utilize these campaigns to passively generate hundreds of new leads each week.

Loan Status Updates

Use BNTouch to attract new Referral Partners by providing constant updates throughout the mortgage process. BNTouch will automate your loan status updates which keeps all parties updated on the milestones that have been reached. By keeping everyone up to date and confident in the abilities of your Loan Officers, you can help your LO’s create new referral opportunities.

Partner Referral Intake

Each referral partner you work with will receive an electronic form that allows them to post leads directly into your BNTouch account without sacrificing security. The moment they enter a lead, the marketing engine reads the new information and determines which marketing campaign to place that person on. With BNTouch, your Loan Officers will generate more leads by making it easy for their Referral Partners to send leads their way.

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“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your software !!!!!!! I have been in the mortgage industry for 25 years, and if I had this application years ago, I couldn’t even imagine how incredible my client/partner base would be today !!!!!”

Steven Baritz
Island Federal Mortgage Corp

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