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Consulting and Training

CRM Consulting
   and Training

We will work with you to plan your CRM implementation, configure your lead management and automated marketing, and train you and your staff.

During the training and consultation process, our team finds it extremely valuable to gather input of our clients. We listen to the story of why you created your business and where you want your business to go. With our expertise and experience, we provide a platform that will assist you in obtaining the goals and exceeding the expectations of your clients, as well as your own expectations.

Pre-Implementation Consulting

Before you register with BNTouch, we will work with you to identify your needs, offer solutions, and plan an implementation schedule that guarantees your success before you even purchase our product.

Account Configuration

Based on your marketing goals, we will then work with you to configure your accounts and ensure that your BNTouch accounts are setup correctly.

Ongoing Web Training

We provide ongoing training for BNTouch administrators, as well as conduct personalized training sessions over the web upon request, as part of your subscription.

In House Training/Consultation

By request, we can visit your office and consult with you on implement of our CRM and marketing solutions hands on, train your staff, and help you with system configuration.

Ongoing Technical Support

BNTouch Administrators have access to our Technical Support personnel who can help resolve issues, answer questions, and provide ongoing 2nd level support for your employees.

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“A truly amazing system, I’m looking forward to becoming more automated and systematic.”

Clint Womack
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