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Website is the face of your company. We can design and connect it with the brain and the heart of your operations.

Having online presence is essential these days. If your company has something to share with your prospects, you need to do it in the most efficient and professional way. Marketing via website is another vital piece of marketing efforts supported by BNTouch.

According to a Forrester report, 82% of consumers’ research online before buying a product, and that websites and search engines dominate the consumers’ choice for research aids. And it also says that 54% of the total US population are digital researchers.

Whether or not you have a web presence, your leads and past clients will be looking for you online. With BNTouch, you can be assured that you have the tools to provide them with knowledge and the way to build their trust to ensure you that they will use your services again, and refer business opportunities to you for future transactions.

Integrated with CRM

When you adding and removing LO’s, our website will automatically create a version for new user. Modify contact information in your CRM and it will be automatically updated on your website.

Managed Experience

We will walk you through the process of creation of websites to meet your goals. Further, we will take care of all the modifications and additions to your website that you request.

Custom Designed

We will work with you on developing a unique and modern experience for your site visitors. We will make sure that your website fits with your current corporate image and company’s message.

Corporate websites, as well as individual LO versions

All sites have a “built-in” Loan Officer version. Each of your LO’s will have a Corporate looking web-site branded to them individually.

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“A truly amazing system, I’m looking forward to becoming more automated and systematic.”

Clint Womack
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