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The Power Behind Brand Management

Your company brand is your mark of distinction; it’s what sets you apart from your competitors. When you establish and adhere to a brand management strategy, your level of commitment reassures borrowers, partners, and anyone else that your company does business with that they can trust you.

Brand management is so important that Reputations Corporation, a Vancouver-based consultancy group, reports that 72 percent of consumers say reputation influences their buying decisions; 80 percent of employees will accept less pay to work with a company with an excellent reputation; while another 89 percent say reputation is a tie breaker between equal products. Whether you’re trying to influence key decision makers or attract and retain top talent, you’ll want to consider the following tips on managing your company’s brand.
BNTouch was established to ensure that the mortgage companies it serves has the same brand management power behind each and every transaction. We have created a suite of products that will allow you to take full advantage of your current business strategy and supercharge it for the next wave of intelligent, informed buyers and business partners.

BNTouch Brand Management Solutions

Custom Branded Website

Marketing is just one piece of the overall marketing strategy put forth by BNTouch. We bring to the table the opportunity to compete with anyone in the market through the use of our custom branded website. According to a Forrester report 82% of consumers research online before buying a product, websites and search engines dominate the consumers’ choice for research aids and 54% of the total US population are digital researchers. Whether or not you have a web presence your leads and past clients will be looking for you online and your goal is to provide them with the information that will help them come back to you for future transactions.

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In House Training/Consultation

During the training and consultation process our team takes extreme value from the input of our clients. We listen to the story of why you created your business and where you want to go. With our expertise and experience we provide a platform that will assist you in obtaining the goals exceeding the expectations of your clients.

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Custom Branded CRM

We can brand your CRM interface with your logo and login page.

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Industry Leaders Rock with BNTouch:

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your software !!!!!!! I have been in the mortgage industry for 25 years, and if I had this application years ago, I couldn’t even imagine how incredible my client/partner base would be today !!!!!”

Steven Baritz
Island Federal Mortgage Corp

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