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With BNTouch, you never have to tell the system to add someone to a marketing campaign, or guess which piece needs to go out. Our marketing system anticipates this for you and executes your marketing activities at the right time. Once your campaigns are personalized and ready for use, the system takes over. With BNTouch, we help you build out all of your marketing and communication activities in the system. Then, when your processes are in place, all of your employees will only have to keep their data up to date, and the system will manage the rest of the marketing from there. Every time you add or update information in BNTouch, our marketing engine reads that new information, compares it to your marketing rules, and determines if that person now needs to be added to or removed from a marketing campaign.

True Marketing Automation

BNTouch manages the marketing for every employee and every contact in your database. We make sure that the right marketing piece will reach the right person, at the right time.

Triggered Marketing

Globally trigger each of your campaigns so that every LO sends the same marketing pieces, delivers a consistent message, and converts more leads.

Centralized Marketing

Manage the marketing for your entire office from a centralized marketing account to define company-wide processes and marketing scenarios.

Custom Marketing Campaigns

You can add as many campaigns as you need! In BNTouch, a marketing campaign can be a simple series of emails, or several years communication pieces.

Centralized Reporting

Global reports allow you to view which emails get opened consistently, how each LO is performing, and allow you to consistently fine tune your messaging.

Partner and Client Marketing

Every BNTouch account comes complete with separate marketing engines for your partners as well as your clients. Define separate sales processes to build greater value!

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“…On top of having all the features I have been looking for, there are additional features (Partner Portal, Customer Portal, etc.) that are over the top incredible. I also wanted to mention that, as happy as I am with the product, I am just as happy with the product support. They are incredibly responsive and trust me, I am high maintenance!”

Sheryl Laskie
Guild Mortgage Company

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